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12 Things Ghosts Can Do

Some people who are new to ghost hunting and discovered my blog, ask me what can ghosts do?

This is a legit question and it’s good that you understand all the potential things that ghost can do before you go ghost hunting. In this, I’ll try to give you the best answer best on my experience, the experience of my fellow ghost hunters as well as stories that I’ve read or heard.

If there is something you’d like to add to the list, be sure to let me know in the comments.

1. Appear In Your Dreams

Ghosts can visit you while you’re asleep and appear in your dreams. They’re capable of sending you a message that way or simply scaring the living hell out of you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had ghosts appearing in my dreams. My reaction is most likely far less emotional than that of an average person.

2. Appear In Other People’s Dreams

It’s not that uncommon that the ghost that you tried to hunt or communicate with will not visit you but your friend or your family member. You might feel like your ghost hunt was pointless and nothing has happened only to hear from your brother or spouse that they had this weird dream… and then suddenly it all clicks.

The fact that the ghosts can affect people around you is one of the dangers of communicating with the dead.

3. Haunt Your House

If you’re irresponsible and do all the paranormal stuff in your own house then you might end up turning it into a haunted house. Whereas this could end up being a great business and bring ghost hunters from all over the globe to your place, you definitely don’t want to do it if you’re just an amateur ghost hunter.

How can you avoid this? Never communicate with the dead that you don’t know in your own house. Even if you’re trying to communicate with your loved ones that passed away, it’s not always a good idea. What you might want to do instead is go to their favourite place and talk with them there.

4. Appear In Your Photos

There is so many evidence all over the internet of ghost appearing in photos that you should know by now that it can totally happen. Again, if you’re trying to force it too much or do it the wrong way, then it might never happen on your pictures.

This is actually one of my favourite aspects of ghost hunting. If you’re as excited about ghosts appearing in pictures then check out my previous article on why do ghosts appear in photos.

5. Move Things Around You

Have you seen Paranormal Activity? Believe it or not, this can happen to you if you’re a ghost hunter. Many of us embrace it to collect more evidence and cool material. However, if you start your journey then you should be aware of the fact that ghosts can move things.

Be it dropping some light off the shelf or something heavy in your basement, then can do it all. Again, the presence of a ghost doesn’t automatically mean that he will move things.

6. Send You a Warning

Another thing that ghosts can do is sending you a warning. Your loved ones who passed away can warn you from danger. However, it might also be the evil spirits warning you from exploring the haunted house that they reside in.

If this interest you, then you might like my post on how can the dead communicate with the living.

7. Make You Feel Their Presence

Obviously, if a ghost moves something around you then it doesn’t take a genius to notice them. However, most ghosts are a lot more subtle. As I said above, many of them won’t move anything at all yet they are still capable of making you feel their presence. How is it possible?

When you enter the room with a ghost inside, you might start feeling completely different. This is the type of a feeling that is extremely hard to describe in a blog post. It’s something that I’d struggle to explain to you face to face. It’s like a ninja sense that you develop after many ghost hunting trips where you can feel the ghost is here.

8. Make You Quit Ghost Hunting Completely

Ghost hunting is an amazing hobby and for many, it’s a lifestyle. However, some of the stories that I’ve heard were extremely scary and made certain people give up ghost hunting completely.

When you stumble upon pure evil, there are things that might happen and experience that you might go through that will make you pick a different activity next time you don’t know what to do on a Friday evening.

9. Turn Your Flashlight On and Off

This is actually a technique that you can use to communicate with the dead. You could agree that turning the light on means yes whereas turning the light off stands for a no. Again, ghosts can do this without your permission when you’re exploring a haunted place.

10. Mess Around With The Lightning

It’s not just your regular flashlight that the spirits can mess with. They’re capable of influencing the lightning in the whole haunted building that you’re exploring. Again, this is something extremely rare to experience so if this happens to you, consider yourself a lucky person.

Personally, I’ve never had that happen to you but I’ve seen it on camera happening to one of my friends on his ghost hunting trip in Florida.

11. Answer Your Question

As I showed you above, you can set up a sign language with the ghost with a flashlight. You can also use a candle or your hand. If you know how to communicate properly, ghosts can answer your question.

Having said that, it takes a lot of experience and practice to be able to get your question answered and understand the answer. Oftentimes, you might get your answer but you’re not able to decode it.

12. Hurt You

This is why I always tell you to be extra careful, get proper ghost hunting equipment and ideally bring a few people with you on your trip. On the top of that, always notify someone about what you’re going to do and where you are going. Ideally, someone that won’t perceive you as crazy and can take action in case something goes wrong.

Some spirits can try to hurt you if you’re inexperienced or unlucky.

Anywhere important missing on my list? Let me know below!

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