Best Paranormal Documentaries on Netflix

Best Paranormal Documentaries on Netflix

Do you find yourself in the mood for a daily or occasional dose of frightening tales or paranormal activity experience but are probably too tired to get out of the house? Need of some nail biting experience that will keep you edged at your seat ready to run for the lights? Netflix couldn’t have made that any easier for you. All you need is your internet up and running, an active subscription, your popcorns, duvet and your sweatpants, and you are good to go. Time for Netflix and chills….

Like me, there are people who are thrilled by the spooky chills that come along with watching paranormal documentaries; while others squirm at the thought of spending minutes on a rollercoaster of terror of the unreal and unexpected. If you are the former, then takes notes as here as some of the best paranormal documentaries in the history of film making, streamed on Netflix. So if you dare, go ahead and turn your nights from boring to exhilarating.

1. Paranormal Witness (2011)

Run time: 60mins IMDb 7.9

There’s nothing that intrigues me more than listening to first hand stories of people who have gone through some pretty wild and crazy things. If you’re like me then this is a series you should not miss to follow up on.

Filmed in mostly indoor set-ups in several states in the U.S and produced by a British company, the documentary recreates supposed paranormal experiences that defy any possible explanation, which the paranormal witness’ went through. I was a bit skeptical about how well the film would be able to deliver vividly the proofs of paranormal activities but I have to give the producers and the actors credit for the job well done.

The witnesses telling their stories nailed. It was so realistic I had to google to confirm it really happened. With every one hour episode narrating about two to three stories, the testimonies of these people will leave you dumbfounded and I can assure you won’t want to stop exploring the mysteries of the unreal world.

2. The Imposter (2012)

Run time: 99mins IMDb 7.5

Nicholas Barclay takes an interesting role of a missing boy in this documentary, who apparently goes missing for three years from his home in Texas. He later appears after six years in Spain with alleged amnesia. But is it really him? The mystery and suspense in unraveling what really happened to the missing boy will keep you glued to your screen.

I would advise against finding out any further details about the film before watching it though; it will spoil the fun. The directors took filming a notch higher by shooting real-time interviews from actual real people behind this story line and adding reconstructed parts with the actors. Sounds quite fascinating right? Real people talking about real horror! You definitely don’t want to miss this.

3. The Wailing (2016)

Run time: 156mins IMDb 7.4

In paranormal films, when a stranger suddenly shows up out of nowhere, we know things never end well and The Wailing is no different. A stranger appears in South Korea at a small village and suddenly there is a mysterious disease that breaks out, killing many people! People panic as the epidemic is nothing they have ever seen before. As police investigate and it turns out that a wild mushroom is the cause of the plague but one police officer, Jong-goo, is not content. He strongly believes that there is some connection between the stranger and the disease.

When his daughter starts showing symptoms of being sick also, this now becomes personal. From here, things became juicy for me. Towards the last third of the film, the intense and terrifying findings will left me shaken. I had to begin connecting the dots in previous parts of the film. Suspense in paranormal films is everything and this one delivers just that with an ending that I can only say is a bang! Trusting the wrong people can surely land you in the worst of horrors. Or is it the right people????

4. Raw (2016)

Run time: 99mins IMDb 7.0
I think if there’s one thing I literally always want to tell the victims in paranormal activities is that nothing is ever as it seems! Jakob Levin who is a deteriorating delinquent comes to learn this. Written and directed by the award-winning film director, David Strasser, Raw tells of a rather twisted story of a teen hooked on drugs, a family that is in grieving and an ideological movement that is on another level of extremism.

At just 17 years, Jacob Levin is faced with a sentence to work in a transformational organic farm belonging to his uncle in Salt Spring Island. As we all later come to see, there is more to it than meets the eye. I would recommend this documentary as it touches on some family issues and underground things that seem to take place even in the current times with no one noticing. Definitely a documentary not to miss out on.

5. It Follows (2014)

Run time: 100mins IMDb 6.8

I personally still get chills when I think about this film; very cold chills. My goosebumps are already showing writing about it. If you have a strong stomach, then you should check this one out. It Follows, just as the name might imply, the mysterious story of a woman who is haunted by an un-explainable supernatural force after having an innocent sexual encounter. Jay, the main actor, is tormented by horrifying strange visions and a never ending feeling that something or someone somewhere is tailing her every move. And if you think that that’s the worst part, literally shock on you as it only gets more disturbing. After watching the film actually couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder to make sure that there was no one following me. Yes! The impact was that intense. No spoilers, but if you want an ultimate movie scare, stream this film.

6. The Babadook (2014)

Run time: 93mins IMDb 6.8

For a diehard fan of paranormal documentaries, this one is a must see. The storyline of Babadook is based on the life of a mother who is a widow and the struggles she faces while raising her only son Samuel as a single parent. Amelia loses her husband while heading to deliver her son in a very tragic and violent car accident. Besides the trauma of having to deal with her husband’s death and raising their son alone, Amelia has another problem to handle. Samuel develops a strong fear of monsters. He becomes violent on many occasions in an attempt to deal with his fears but this only makes things worse.

The mother and son later come to read a book about a monster that apparently lurks in the dark corners of their house. Yes, Babadook! Amelia tries to get rid of the book and the horrifying experiences she and her son encounter after that will leave you with goose bumps. This documentary for me was a sad but creepy horror, which manifests the anguish and disturbed state of the characters in a very perfect way.

7. The Awakening (2011)

Run time: 102mins IMDb 6.5

I have to say that what made this film stand out is the very strong performance that the cast showed in this film. I hope it was a performance. While there were some critics who almost made me not take a look at it, I do not regret my 102 minutes that I spent on this thrilling horror as I found it to be one of the best old-fashioned horror film of present time. The amount of suspense that grows throughout this film is simply astonishing.

A famous woman known for her abilities to expose hoax travels to a boarding school on an invite from the headmaster due to a mysterious ghost that is scaring the students. She is informed of a previous murder of a man named Walter who she later comes to find out the horrors that befell him. After the staff, students and teachers have gone for vacation, Florence remains in the boarding school with three other people (Bad idea, right?) and this is when strange things begin to happen. If you watched The Haunted (1995) the storylines have very many similarities. The revelations that unfold in The Awakening gives the film its thrill as the plot builds up. Years down the line I can guarantee this this will be on the top list of classics.

8. Hollow 1 (2011)

Run time: 91mins IMDb 6.4

A village in Suffolk, England suffers a curse of spirits that drives couples and especially the young ones to commit suicide. The local legend haunts the village leaving it in ruins and for many years people avoid the village. Making matters more complicated, there is an ancient hollow tree and we all know what that always means in paranormal documentaries. I won’t tell you it is the home for the evil spirits.

While on holiday, four couples decide to explore the town and the horror that unleashes on their lives and in the town shows just how much some mythical beliefs can quickly turn to reality. It may sound a little bit too cliché but the plot is well planned and acted out. The actors manage to develop their characters well and bring an in depth feeling and understanding of the script. It’s definitely a good paranormal to watch with several epics cares.

9. Killer Legends (2014)

Run time: 86mins IMDb 6.4

This paranormal goes deep into investigating the real life stories that may have inspired some of the most horrifying urban legends. Joshua Zeeman, the writer and director of this paranormal, bring us the amazing tale of four urban legends who have continued to haunt the American people, and tries to investigate why people still have so much belief in the legends and the real life crimes that led to the emergence of this legends. If you have no background information on urban legends then this is the right documentary for you for that first time thrill.

10. Dead Silence (2007)

Run time: 89mins IMDb 6.2

Ravens Fair, just like every town in the paranormal world has its fair share of ghost stories. James Wan directs this film of a tale of a widower who goes back to his hometown on a mission to uncover the truth behind the murder of his wife. After a ventriloquist, Mary Shaw, loses her sanity, she faces kidnapping accusations of a boy who had called her a fraud during one of her shows. The townspeople in pursuit of revenge hunt the woman down and give her a tragic death by first cutting out her tongue then killing her. She is buried along with her voodoo dolls and the townspeople think that that’s the end of her.

The real horror begins as the collection of dolls returns from the grave to get revenge on everyone involved in the death of Mary Shaw. Ravens Fair suffers many deaths and what follows is simply tragic. This documentary is one that brought back the feeling I used to have when I started watching paranormal films. It is different and unique, not to mention well scripted. Simply a breath of fresh air. Dead Silence takes you on a ride of terror so when watching it do not be in a hurry to pick the pieces. Just sit back and enjoy. It is a film worth giving another extra star.

11. Hostageto the Devil (2016)

Run time: 90mins IMDb 6.1

When a child’s soul is possessed and the exorcist is trapped in combat with this evil, we are left to wonder just who is the hostage here. The documentary is based on the true story of Father Malachi Martin and his book “Hostage to the devil”. You will need a strong stomach and will to go through the 90 minutes of horror the films brings to you. It is a movie that will giving very many chilly feelings especially if you are the kind of person with beliefs in demonic possessions. The film brings out some real life interviews and some parts which have been reconstructed to show exactly what happened at this time.

However, the documentary tends to focus more on the exorcist himself and attempts to find out the real truth about him. Father Martin explains his experience as an exorcist and the effects the practice has on the people who are involved. While some may argue whether Father Martin was genuine in telling his exorcist stories or whether he was a conman, this documentary will definitely leave you with some thoughts that the war between supernatural spirits actually exists.

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