Can the Dead Communicate with the Living

Can the Dead Communicate with the Living?

Several times a month, I get emails from people asking me: can the dead communicate with the living?

Well, as absurd as it might sound, communicating with the dead is possible and not as hard as some people make it seem. As a matter of fact, we are all endowed with the capacity to cross the bridge and converse with people on the other side.

But before I get into the specifics of communing with the dead, I would like to shed some light on why I have become so engrossed in this bizarre phenomena. Personally, I have experienced both perspectives of life: coming into contact with spirits of the dead, feeling their presence and even experiencing epiphanies that have guided me to great revelations. As any ordinary human being would have done, I brushed these experiences aside and suspiciously looked through my mind with skepticism, trying to convince myself that what I had seen was an illusion, delirium or some natural phenomena that could be easily explained by science.

However, having lived on earth for some time now has helped me appreciate that the dead do communicate to us. I have also gotten a golden opportunity to experience many forms of spirituality and the finality of life. My understanding has brought me to a full circle, and I feel more confident than ever that there is something awaiting us on the other end of life. Truth be told, there is something beyond death. And even if I can’t explain it to you in a single post, I will try to help you contact the dead because it is outrightly possible.

Watch for Signs from Those Who Passed Away

At times, the dead are always looking for an opportunity to communicate with us but most people simply can’t notice because of the rush of their daily lives and constant digital notifications.

Usually, we miss the signals that such people want to have a word or two with us. As a result, it is very important to watch out for signs that those who have already met their maker want to speak with you. And if that’s the case, making contact won’t be hard because they are already awaiting your response.

One more thing, never enter the realm of the dead if you are not sure of the person you want to speak to. I mean, if you want to commune with your dead brother, father or mother and they have not yet sent you signals, make sure that you have cemented the intent in your mind.

Once you’ve gotten signals or you are sure of whom you want to contact, try staring at a picture that once belonged to them. Go for the eyes because these are the gateway to the soul. If you cannot get a picture on your hands, an object that belonged to them while alive will equally do well. Their essence remains in such objects and they will help you in establishing a clear link to any of your loved ones. If you are lucky enough to establish contact, try to develop a language with them.

Try to Develop a Language

As the spirit begins to enter your realm, clear your mind as fast as you can so that you can be in a position to decode the messages and allow the dead to feel comfortable around you. If happy, the spirit of the dead person will go ahead and leave messages for you. At this point, you will need to develop a language through which you can share information and don’t forget that there is no definite language.

However, there are a few renowned gestures that work in almost any situation. Raising your left hand will mean yes while raising the right one implies a no. Alternatively, you can use a candle – if the flame goes larger it means yes if it goes smaller, you can agree it means no.

Visit Their Favorite Place – If It Was Your Loved One

Every person on earth has a place where their soul feels most comfortable. When somebody dies, it is believed that they visit such places on a regular basis. If you have nothing material that the deceased had, visiting a place they loved being could hand you a golden opportunity to establish contact. Once you are in such a place, look for signals. Carefully listen for disembodied voices, look for activity on shiny surfaces and be observant for drastic weather changes.

Even if you don’t experience any of these signs, meditating might help you in establishing contact. Look for an isolated place and peacefully meditate until you get some contact.

Learn How to Ghost Hunt

Sometimes, you might want to communicate with a paranormal that isn’t your family member or a friend.. If you are one of those with this kind of thirst, try ghost hunting in a haunted place.

However, you have to be cautious because the spiritual realm is not only habited by the spirits of good people but also negative ones as well as the real evil. The golden rule of ghost hunting is being professional, or else you will end up not receiving any messages from the deceased just because you were never keen enough.

If you only have the capacity to carry one item, let it be a ghost hunting camera. You see, ghosts more often than not manifest themselves in shadowy figures and a camera will come in handy to capture it when they appear in photos. Take random pictures and check them later for inconsistencies and weird images. The dead person you are trying to contact might appear in one of them. You’re more likely to succeed if you learn how to get a ghost to shows itself.

Read the Books About the Afterlife

Such books contain information that has been recorded by people who have experienced near death experiences or died and come back to life. You will be getting firsthand information from a person who has personally visited the spiritual realm. With no doubt, their advice will be resourceful because they themselves have been spirits, so they know best how to be contacted.

Final Words of Warning

Always, and I repeat, always be careful when communicating with the spirit of the dead.

I am saying this because not every person is an experienced medium and things can go out of control when you least expect it. I know it is interesting and yes it is very therapeutic comforting your bleeding soul. However, trying to reach out to the land of the dead, can open doors that might be hard to close. And bear in mind that you are never familiar with the landscape of the spiritual realm unless you’ve personally been there so, proceed with caution.

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