Dangers of Communicating with the Dead

10 Dangers of Communicating with the Dead

If you’re new to my blog, then you should know that ghost hunting and paranormal things are my passion and something I’ve been doing for years now. It’s extremely exciting hobby and it allows you to have a first-hand experience out of this world, literally and figuratively.

However, as fun as it is, it’s not the safest hobby in the world. There is many dangerous things that could potentially happen if you go about it the wrong way. Before you try to get a ghost to show itself or communicate with the dead, you should read this post. I’ll show the dangers of communicating with the dead so that you can be fully aware of the potential consequences.

1. Nightmares

This one is fairly straightforward. If you focus a lot of your brain power toward trying to communicate with the dead, then once you go to bed, you might end up dreaming about it all night long. You might even end up waking up in the middle of the night with sweat on your entire body.

Again, it takes some experience to differentiate between a simple nightmare and when the dead is actually sending a message to you through your dreams.

Simply put, if you’re afraid of having a nightmare or two, then you should completely stop exploring any paranormal things.

On the other side, if it’s not a big deal for you at all, then let’s keep going and see some of the other potential dangers.

2. Appearing Crazy to Other People

Let’s be honest guys, ghost hunting is not like playing football or piano. Most people consider us, ghost hunters, as crazy and irrational or simply childish. Again, I can’t really blame them because I question it at first before I had my first experiences and a ghost appearing in a photo that I took.

Should the way others perceive you be of a high importance to you then you might consider picking up a different activity like playing tennis or just find a ghost hunting group around you and don’t bring it up around “normies”.

3. Not Being Able to Stop the Communication

You might think you’re in control, but most of the time, you’re not. And if you’re new to this, you definitely aren’t. There is no on and off switch when it comes to dead communicating with the living.

If you talk to the right spirits, they’ll respect boundaries. However, if you go wild and try to communicate with evil, then you might end up in a place where you can’t get rid of them.

People with very little experience are at an even greater risk so please be extra careful.

Bringing the wrong spirits to your environment

As mentioned above, talking to the dead is not all rainbows and unicorns. There are several dangers to it and bringing the wrong spirit to your environment accidentally is one of them.

In the previous point, I told you that you might struggle to stop the communication when you wish to. What might end up happening is that the dead will not want to leave your surroundings. This can lead to you experiencing different paranormal things and also putting your closest at risk.

Which brings us to the next point…

4. Putting Your Loved Ones in Danger

When you talk communicate to the dead, it’s initially between you and the spirit. But as I said before, you don’t have the full control of the interaction. You’re pretty much a guest who gets to experience something taboo and paranormal.

One of the dangers is that the dead might want to do something to your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, but something to simply annoy you. For example, the dead might give your little sister nightmares over and over again.

Furthermore, it could start moving things in your house…

5. The Dead Moving Things

Sometimes, the dead want to make everyone aware of their presence. They want everybody to be totally sure that there is something else around them that they can’t explain.

One of the ways to do it is to start moving things around them. This can be especially scary if you stay alone at night. Even worse if you have a big house and have to check the whole place in the middle of a night when something drops on the floor in the other room.

6. Ghosts Appearing in Photos

You probably have seen countless pictures with ghosts appearing in them. Many of them are photoshopped and manipulated, but some of them are indeed real. In fact, I explained exactly why do ghosts appear in photos in my previous post.

When you take a family photo or a pictures with your friends, the dead might want to be part of it since you already communicated to them and brought them to your life. This doesn’t have to be a regular thing. They might appear once and then never appear again for decades only to strike again years later.

If this is something you’d feel uncomfortable with then it’s probably not the best idea to go ghost hunting.

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7. Getting Anxiety

I said it before and I will say it again because it’s extremely important that you fully grasp it. Exploring the paranormal side of our world is not for everyone.

Some people might experience anxiety when attempting it. Are you a naturally anxious person that can feel stressed in big groups of people?

Well then talking with the dead might make you feel uneasy to say the least.

8. Getting Attacked

One of the potential dangers is simply being attacked. However, not by the dead but by other people. If you go to a haunted place you might stumble upon some dodgy people and get into serious trouble with them. In fact, you should never attempt talking to ghosts without at least some basic ghost hunting equipment.

9. You Might Start Hearing Voices

You might suddenly start hearing voices that won’t let you concentrate or sleep. And you might think they are real but oftentimes, it might just be your brain causing the problem.

This is more likely to happen to a person who’s already anxious.

10. You Might Become Really Good at It and Addicted

Last but not least, if you practice enough, you might get incredibly good at it. Once you manage to talk to the dead, you will experience an extreme adrenaline rush which is addictive.

I’ve spent many hours ghost hunting because it became my number one addiction and obsession. Don’t get me wrong, I do truly enjoy it and wouldn’t want to have a different passion. But then again, you should be aware that this might happen to you.


Did I miss something? Tell me in the comments below.


  1. Last night was my first communication with the other side. I was completely surprised how effortless it really was. It took time for me to get to this point, I tossed the idea around for quite a while and then saw a simple app that enabled this to happen. Shocking how much they were truly aware of my surroundings even calling to my dog by name who was across the room. I get the adrenaline part and with the addictive personality that I have I can see how this could become a problem. I’m not nervous or scared but possibly too curious for my own good.
    How can I protect myself through my faith?
    It seems so conflicting.

    1. Author

      Communicating with the other side can be very addictive so every time you do it, you should be aware of the exact reasons why otherwise it might become a dangerous habit.

  2. I recently lost my daughter, and I’ve experienced a few episodes where I believed she visited me. I felt someone hugging me while I was crying, and I smelled her scent, to hearing the sound of a pen or pencil fall to the floor, but when I looked. There was nothing there. Is this all in my head or is it possible. That my daughter has visited me?

    1. Author

      More likely than not, it’s your daughter who visited you to comfort you and say she’s still present with you even though you can’t see her.

  3. Maybe you can explain something. We are so confused!!! We never… I repeat…. NEVER tried to speak to my husband when he died in 2003. But two days ago was the third time something “flew” off a wall or shelf. The first time was a few weeks after he died, a framed picture of roses crashed to the floor – a good 6-8′ from the wall. We (me & kids) ran to my bedroom to see what made the noise and found the picture shattered on the floor, facing down. Days later, battery controlled “candle” kept lighting up by itself… but we COULD NOT turn it off. It did that for a few days. That was right after he died in 2003. Years passed, He touched me, visited in dreams and called my name several times, but that was it. My youngest went thru life issues, was estranged for a few years, then returned. We were all together a few months ago when a mirror flew off my dresser. It cleared a stack of books in front of it (about 8″ high) and landed on the floor right next to my 3 month old grandson sleeping in a baby swing. He slept peacefully through it, but we came running when we heard the mirror crash to the floor – it didn’t break! Only the frame cracked. It flew from a 4′ high surface, leaning against the wall, with a stack of books in front of it. Landed 3′ in front of the dresser. Then two nights ago, a pair of sunglasses flew off a shelf and hit my daughter in the arm. She was alone in our weekend cottage with her babies. She called me, frightened. I went right there. She was shaken, but the babies and the dogs were there with her and none of them was the least bit alarmed. My gut tells me it’s my deceased husband trying to communicate, but we don’t understand. Is he trying to tell us something? What? Why the long (almost 15 years) silence? Can you offer any insights?

    1. Author

      Yes it seems like your husband is desperately trying to reach you since these incidents happened on multiple occasion. One could just blame the wind but the again, it happened in different places at different times to different people so it seems a bit to strange to be an coincidence.

      I’m not sure what your husband might be trying to communicate since I don’t know the full background but it’d be best to contact someone who’s got experience with communicating with the dead and seek their advice on how to understand your husband’s message.

      I hope that helps

  4. I hate going to estate sales, funerals or cemeteries because the dead start talking to me this began when I was a little girl.

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