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Ghost Hunting Equipment And Tools Worth The Money

It won’t surprise you that I get asked about ghost hunting equipment a hell of a lot. And I absolutely love this question because I could talk about different tools and gadgets that are useful (and ones to avoid) for hours and hours. But then again, there’s only so much free time I’ve got on my hands which is why I decided to create this ultimate blog post. It will answer all of your common questions and give you a checklist so that you don’t miss any useful piece of equipment.

If after reading this you still have some questions or doubts then simply ask me in the comment section at the very bottom and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

What ghost hunting equipment do I need?

Here’s the quick answer: you’ll need a night vision camera and a thermal camera as well if you can afford both. On the top of that you should get an EVP recorder which is cheap and and an EMF meter. Last but not least, make sure you’ve got a flashlight!

Now, that was the quick answer for all those of you who don’t have the time to read the entire post. But if you’d like to learn exactly which products I use and recommend then bear with me.

As far as night vision cameras are concerned, there’s a decent choice on Amazon. But after doing some research, testing a few myself as well as talking to fellow ghost hunters, I’ve realized not all of them work that well for ghost hunting.

There’s one camera that I’ve bought 2 years ago and it’s still with me and serves me well which is this 4K model available on Amazon. It’s only $200 at the time of writing so it’s great value for your money if you can’t afford a thermal camera which tend to be a bit more expensive.

For this very reason, I ended up getting this fantastic thermal camera that you can plug into your phone (and it works for both Android and iOS). Honestly, it’s probably the best ghost hunting tool out there that no one talks about.

You can invest in a thermal camera from FLIR but they tend to be a lot more pricey. Then again, thermal imagining can be a lot of fun so it’s worth the investment at some point without a doubt.

EVP recorder is super useful and allows you to get a ton of fascinating audio material. If you don’t know, EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and it’s basically the sounds that you can record on your paranormal trip. I use this recorder from Olympus and it does exactly all you need.

In fact if you only had $50 to buy your first gear then I’d just get the above mentioned EVP recorder and go out there to try and record some eerie noises.

For measuring electromagnetic field I use this EMF meter which is an absolute bargain works fantastically. I’ve had this model for ages now and take it with me for every ghost hunting trip that I attend – it’s never let me down.

I also mentioned a flashlight. Now, you can just use your regular smartphone flashlight but I definitely don’t recommend that. They’re very poor and not meant to be used when you explore haunted locations. On the top of that, if you’re using the smartphone thermal camera I recommended above then it won’t work either.

For this very reason I use this flashlight which is extremely reliable and lasts forever. The beam distance is astonishing, it’s water resistant and very intense. I’ve dropped mine way too many times and it still works as if nothing has happened.

Where to buy ghost hunting equipment?

Everything you need can be bought at Amazon which is the number one place I recommend. As a prime user, I get it delivered the next day, the support is amazing and I probably don’t really need to tell you all that anyway since you most likely use Amazon too.

There are also some ghost hunting shops online that you can use however I just like to stick to Amazon for the time being. I might try out some small online shops in the future, however Amazon has been too convenient and offers all the ghost hunting gadgets that I need so it’s a no brainer. It tends to be cheaper most of the time as well for all those of you who have a limited budget for your kit.

Alternatively, you can buy some used equipment on sites like Ebay or from another ghost hunter if you know any locally or online. I’ve never bought used tools but I’d imagine you could get a decent deal if you invested some time in searching for the right offers.

I’ve decided to make sure my entire kit is brand new so I can review it for my readers but you don’t need to do that so feel free to get used equipment if you just want to get started cheaply.

If you like reading reviews then you’ll like my posts about my favourite cameras and thermal recorders for hunting ghosts.

How much is ghost hunting equipment?

Another question people ask me a lot is how much does ghost hunting equipment cost? Around $600 if you want to get a decent night vision and thermal camera, EVP recorder and EMF meter as well as a flashlight. Then again, people can spend several thousands of dollars to get the high-end equipment so it really depends what you are after.

I recommend spending around $200 to get one piece of equipment and then learn how to use it properly. Then you can get another one and get used to it. Slowly but surely, you’ll have a full kit without any need to spend a lot of money at once.

What I did is I bought a night vision camera and EVP recorder first and then a few months later got my thermal camera. After that I’ve got the EMF meter and bought this awesome backpack to fit it all. It looks old school which I love but any backpack will do. As far as the flashlight, I had it already anyway so that wasn’t a cost.

If you’re a baller and have several a lot to spend then you’ll want one of the FLIR’s thermal cameras. They’re absolutely the best when it comes to thermal imagining.

How much does ghost hunting gear weigh?

It weighs around 4-8 pounds depending on the type of gear you buy. Also, if you go on a longer trip then you’ll have to include the weight of food, water and maybe some extra clothes. In that case it would weigh a lot more. On the other hand, if you’re only exploring for a few hours then the weight should be minimal.

I tend to pack extra batteries and some other stuff so be quite heavy. Again if you put it all in a backpack then it’s not a big deal at all.

How to make equipment at home?

Some people want to make their own equipment at home and ask me for advice but I simply can’t help you here. The whole DIY for ghost hunting doesn’t appeal to me at all. As a passionate ghost hunter, I’d rather spend a few hundred bucks and be able to record my experiences in a quality way. I’ve got absolutely zero experience with creating a ghost hunting kit at home so I’m of no help here.

There’s some resources online though so I’m sure you’ll find an answer if you want to make your own equipment although as I said, I personally don’t recommend it.

Equipment for beginners

People new to ghost hunting ask me for the best kit for beginners. If I was starting today I’d most likely come to the conclusion to get this infrared camera that comes with a flashlight. You can use it for some many things in your day to day life and it will allow you to record all the paranormal activities you come across.

Where to try it out?

Once you’ve got your gear you’ll die to test it so I wanted to show you a few haunted locations that you will absolutely love. Ohio has some of the scariest prisons out there. If you happen to live in the south or live there, then here are the haunted locations to see in Texas. And then there’s this article that I wrote about the 21 most haunted places in California which has plenty of scary locations to explore with a full gear.

If you know a haunted place that’s not on my radar then be sure to let me know in the comments. It’s shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I’m addicted to exploring these places.

Last but not least, if you’d like some gadgets then check out this post I wrote about paranormal gifts for ghost hunters. I didn’t want to include them all in here since most of you won’t be looking for gadget but some of them are really cool so if you have a minute then be sure to take a look.

Summing up

I really hope that this post was helpful and helped you to pick the right equipment that you need. If you’re overwhelmed by the choice or still have questions then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below. I love reading your comments and answering them.

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