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8 Ghost Hunting Flashlights Reviewed

If you are a paranormal investigator, than you know how crucial having the right equipment means for a successful ghost hunt. A flashlight, in particular, plays a vital role enabling you to navigate and communicate with the spirits when creeping in the dark.

I have been fascinated by paranormal occurrences since I was a kid when my dad would tell me stories of spirits that visited his plumbing shop. I am a fan of everything mysterious and fantastical. This blog is my platform for sharing with you everything I know and what I have learnt in the past.

Are you looking for a ghost hunting flashlight? If yes than you are at the right place to find one. Today, I will be sharing with you some of the best flashlights that have proved to be quite useful during ghost hunting and give you on overview of each one that I recommend.

With that said, let’s get right into it.

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen Fenix P035 TAC 1000 Lumens Flashlight

Over the past years, I have used different flashlights. However, one that stood out the most is the Fenix P035 TAC tactical flashlight. Using this torch has been amazing so far and it’s still one of my favorite.

Why? It comes with incredible features that you hardly find in most brands. The performance is satisfactory which makes it a great option if you need a long-lasting solution for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Features and Functionality:

Durable construction. Fenix P035 TAC is made using aircraft grade aluminum with a blend of Premium Type 3 metal which enhances is resistance to shock and corrosion. Its lens is made strong using clear glass with a coating of anti-reflective material. The material ensures that the flashlight remains functional for long.

Rechargeable battery. This unit also comes with two battery design providing you with an option of either using two 3V lithium batteries or a rechargeable one piece lithium-ion battery. Another notable feature that I like about this flashlight is its performance in harsh environments. Its beam could span up to 656 ft. With an LED discharge capacity of 1000 Lumens of power and could stay on for up to 5000 hours.

Intelligent circuitry. The intelligent circuitry is another feature that makes the flashlight outstanding. It enables you to use the last output mode used before it went off. This is because the torch automatically restores the you to use the last output mode used before it went off. This is because the torch automatically restores the activities previously used before it was turned off. It is also designed with a side switch to allow you to select your preferred outdoor mode system.

Lightweight. With a lightweight, the torch is portable making carrying it quite easy. Its components are seal with impermeable materials ensuring that dust does not damage it The waterproof feature enables it to stay functional for up to half an hour when fully immersed in water. Impressive, right?

Multiple modes. If you need a torch with a variety of modes then look no further than Fenix P035 TAC, it comes with strobe and turbo that produces 1000 Lumens and low mode delivering 60 lumens plus the unit has other 6 outdoor modes. These modes provide you with different lighting options to suit various visibility requirements.

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Streamlight ProTac 2LStreamlight

Streamlight is reputable for producing some of the brightest flashlights that you will find.

The Streamlight ProTac 2L is a compact tactical flashlight that is exceptional among other flashlights of its class. It comes with high-end features, and it will hardly disappoint you with its excellent performance and robust design. If all you need is a fantastic flashlight that is small and bright but stronger than a penlight, then I would recommend that you get the ProTac 2L.

Its size and weight are some of the outstanding features that this flashlight is designed with. The lightning is excellent for enabling you to navigate the dark with no challenges.

Features and Functionalities

Durable. When it comes to durability, there is nothing to worry with respect to its level of quality. It is sturdy and can withstand various impacts which enhances its strength. The torch is also made with an IPX7 rated design with an excellent waterproof ability that will keep it working even when immersed 1 meter deep in water for nearly 30minutes.

Raw Power. The lightning capacity of this compact flashlight is quite amazing. It produces an incredible 500 lumens of light with no challenges whatsoever. The LED technology equips the flashlight with a significant and reliable output that will last for long hours.

Multiple Modes. It also comes with a push-button selector that has up to 3 settings at the base including strobe mode, low light mode, and bright mod. The three modes of operation will meet any illumination that you will need when hunting.

Great batteries. This torch uses CR123A batteries which are lithium-ion based and rechargeable. The batteries perform superbly plus they take a short time when charging. Additionally, they can be recharged to approximately 1000times without affecting their power holding capacity.

Excellent performance. I believe that it is one of the best lightning devices on the market. It is completely worth your money and will enable you to use it for various activities without encountering any difficulties. Its performance makes it suitable for both hunters and campers including other people who need it as well.

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DandForce Headlamp FlashlightDandForce Headlamp Flashlight

The DandForce headlamp flashlight has been used for ghost hunting for a long time and for various good reasons. Personally, I admire their quality level and in my opinion, it is packed with great features which makes it rank among the best.

What makes it the most preferred by many hunters is that it offers exactly what they promise. This means that regardless of the purpose that you choose to use it for, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Features and Functionalities

Impressive lightning. The DanForce headlamp flashlight is designed to give the best lighting to allow you navigate when ghost hunting. It comes with Ultra-bright 6000 lumens and features 3 Cree LED bulbs enabling it to shine stronger, longer and brighter than you can imagine.

Withstands harsh weather. When ghost hunting, I noted from experience that being prepared is very crucial. Well, this headlamp enables you to tackle any kind of weather condition ranging from extreme cold to hot conditions.

Enhanced protection. considering that no one wants to keep spending on lighting equipment, having on that is durable is a great choice. This headlamp is designed with an airtight rubber sealing that enhances the protection of the battery from being damaged by water, ice or dust.

Multiple modes. This headlamp designed in America is built to offer 5 light nodes alongside a lamp head with up to 90 degrees adjustability. This enables you to easily switch focus from narrow illumination to broad beam to suit your preference.

Easy to customize. What more is that this headlamp is not only tough, it is constructed to provide you with maximum comfort. It comes with a sweat resistant headband that enables it to regulate the temperature plus its size is adjustable.

Satisfaction guaranteed. After using the headlamp for some time, I can confidently say that its satisfaction is guaranteed and it is suitable if you need extra visibility. What’s even interesting is that it comes with a 7-year warranty giving you a good backup in case you encounter challenges.

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MsForce Rechargeable 18650 Headlight

When it comes to brightness, MsForce Rechargeable 18650 headlight is unmatched. It is one of the brightest headlamps I have ever used with exceptional performance. The brightness is more than enough to enable you to see beyond what you can imagine.

If you are still struggling with a handheld flashlight then it’s time to upgrade your game, this headlight is also for you if you are still stuck using cheap headlamps powered by AA batteries. Are you wondering why?

Here are some of the reasons why this headlight will solve your problems.

Features and Functionalities

Very bright. It comes with astonishing 6,000 lumens that are reinforced by 3 LED lamps. It doesn’t enable you only to see further, it allows you to have a better vision. Additionally, it provides you with full control of the beam ranging from narrow long distance to extreme 180 degrees wide lightning area with just a single adjustment.

Multiple modes. The headlamp is designed to offer different modes of operation allowing you to change the brightness when you need to Select a mode that suits your environment from the 4 available modes; battery saver, medium brightness, ultra bright or flashing strobe mode.

Compact, durable design. Like other MsForce products built with compact and strong design, this headlamp is not an exception, it comes tested to ensure that it lives up to the expectations. Additionally, it is built with a lightweight that won’t make you develop headaches to wear for long periods of time.

Water resistant. This headlamp is designed with various weather conditions in mind. It is built with a water-resistant casing to keep away water from shortening its lifespan. You can be sure that it will survive even harsh weather conditions.

Enhanced comfort. I will admit that I have had annoying headlamps before that were very uncomfortable during hunting. But, this headlamp is way different. It is designed with super adjustable bands that offer your maximum comfort. The flashlight also balances well between the back and the front of your head and you won’t even noticed that you are wearing it after some time.

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Anker Super Bright Tactical FlashlightAnker LC40 400 Lumens LED Flashlight

When it comes to great quality and design, I can vote Anker to be among the best. It, not a surprise that the company has received a badge of trust from its customers for years. This is because they invest lots of time in research before coming up with products.

Like most of their products, Anker Bolder LC130 LED flashlight is no different. It comes with high-end features which are not common among units of its class. If you have had difficulties with other flashlights before then this could be what you want to have.

Features and Functionalities

Ultra brightness. This flashlight is designed to output 1300 lumens of light that can shine through 1200 feet of darkness. This makes it suitable for hunting in the dark plus it is built with 5 adaptable settings; SOS, strobe, low, medium and high. When on medium beam mode, its 3350mAh battery can last up to 6 hrs.

High quality and design. In terms of quality, the unit will last for long thanks to its heavy duty material construction. This makes it one of the best flashlights if you need a permanent solution for hunting since it can put up with various conditions.

Compact size. The tactical flashlight comes with a compact size that makes it fit for various purposes. Carrying it is not an issue since it will perfectly fit into your pocket and it has an anti-slip finish which enables you to hold it firmly on your hands. you to hold it firmly on your hands.

Water resistant. This great unit from Anker Bolder can remain functional even when submerged in water for half an hour. This is because it is designed with water-resistant material rated IP65 enabling it to be used even in heavy rains. Optimum performance; when it comes to performance, this unit is simply the best. It takes only 6 hours to recharge with a 1A adapter and comes with a micro USB cable for charging. Additionally, it boasts of a long life of up to 50000 hours ensuring that you don’t run out of charge when hunting.

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STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 2,200 Lumen LED Lithium Ion Spotlight

When ghost hunting, having an efficient and reliable handheld spotlight is quite beneficial. This is because it does more than just illuminating it will allow you to communicate with the spirits with its good lighting effectively.

In the event that you need surety of the performance of a spotlight, I would advise you to go for the Stanley Fatmax. They are well designed with optimal performance whether you use it for indoor purposes or outdoor.

Features and Functionalities

Rechargeable Lithium battery. This spotlight comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that keeps it running for almost a year if left unused. It also provides you two options of either using an AC charging or DC.

Multiple modes. When it comes to modes options, you will never run short of alternatives ranging from low, medium to high modes. This enables you to adjust the lighting depending on your need. The low light mode in particular which is ideal for most normal uses provides you with a runtime of around 7 hours.

Durable design. Another thing that I love about this spotlight is its durability. It is designed using high-quality bezel that protects if from impacts enhancing its life.

Ultra Bright 10 Watt LED. Built to offer excellent 10W ultra-bright light, the LED device outputs up to 2, 200 lumens. The light is good enough for illuminating any dim space, and the 2,200 lumens is quite reliable with no baffling.

Collapsible stand. Unlike other spotlights, this unit includes an easy locking pivot that enables you to keep the spotlight shining at a certain spot making your hands free to do other stuff.

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Odepro KL52 PLUS Hunting FlashlightOdepro KL52 PLUS Hunting Flashlight

Odepro is another manufacturer that is dedicated to producing top-notch devices that will make your hunting and other activities much easier. The flashlight is designed with quality features that make it operational, and you will be amazed at what it can deliver.

So, if you need a good performing flashlight that increased the chances of success of your operations then look no further than this unit. From my own experience using it, it’s an exceptional product that is worth the investment.

Features and Functionality

Interchange four different LED Modules. Unlike other flashlights, this unit is unique and offers you up to 4 different colors including IR850nm light, green light, white light and red light enabling you to use them for various purposes based on your needs.

High brightness and long range. The unit comes with original CREE LED lamp. The lamp can be adjusted to output up to 900 lumens when on high setting. The light can also spread 400 yards long.

Smart remote switch. I was impressed by the high level of technology used in designing this flashlight enabling you to free your hands by pressing and holding the turn on the lights and releasing to turn off the lights. Additionally, the smart switch can be used with your gloves on with no noise produced when switching it on and off.

Good design. In terms of design, this unit is well constructed. This enables it to last long, and with great reliability, it will keep you free fro worries with respect to its functionality. The materials used to build the flashlights are robust and corrosion resistant which enhances their durability.

Water-proof design. It is built with 0-ring that secures it from being damaged by water. Additionally, the waterproof IPX-8 enables you to benefit from using it even under heavy rains. It can remain operational for 30 minutes when submerged 2 meters in water.

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Wilson 8 Miller Tactical Combat FlashlightWilson 8 Miller Tactical Combat Flashlight

While there are several pocket flashlights on the market, not everyone has a great one However, if you need to find a great pick, you should look for a flashlight that is designed with different settings and can survive harsh conditions.

By just a single look at this unit, you will realize that it’s different, unmatched with other ordinary flashlights. It is designed with some of the best features that will make your ghost hunting adventure much more interesting.

Features and Functionality

Quality design. This flashlight is made using weapon-grade aluminum that enhances its durability. The heavy-duty materials enable it to withstand prolonged use even in the harshest conditions making it suitable for various uses.

5 adjustable mode options. Among the features that I liked about this gadget is its five different settings. This enables you to adjust the amount of light to suit your purpose. Additionally, filters can be added to the unit if you need to have a red light for use in your tactical operations.

Excellent brightness. The flashlight comes with 600 lumens and can last for exceeding 100,000 hours with excellent brightness. With such a lifespan it is quite reliable enabling you to undertake your tasks without worry of any failure.

Great versatility. Another outstanding feature about this device is that it can be used to undertake different activities. The fact that it does not limit you to ghost hunting makes it among the top ranking flashlight worth your money.

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5 Ghost Hunting Tips to Keeping Your Hunt Safe

1. Don’t trespass

When ghost hunting, it is essential to master the boundaries and when the time is over never ghost haunt. Ensure that you go with suitable devices for keeping time

2. Wear appropriate clothing

Considering that you might have to navigate steep or uneven terrain, thus wearing comfortable shoes and clothes is essential. You should also consider wearing jackets with large pockets avoid having to carry a purse. I will also advise you to avoid putting on open shoes.

3. Have a reliable flashlight

Since you will be hunting at night, having a suitable light source would be helpful. Additionally, carry along extra batteries in case the ghost hunt takes extra time.

4. Work with your team

You should ensure that you have sufficient means of staying connected. Cellphones will work, but for areas with low network coverage, you can opt for walkie-talkies.

Other forms of communications such as blinking LED lights, creating codes among others can work as well.

5. Bring a first aid kit

A first aid kit is useful for unforeseen events during hunting such as injuries. When ghost hunting in outdoor areas or in old buildings, injuries are prone to occur which is why having a medical kit is essential.

Other Ghost Hunting Equipment

Do you want to go ghost hunting but don’t know what equipment to get besides a flashlight? Well, here are some of the
essential equipment that most experienced ghost hunters use.

1. Night Vision Camera

A camera is a primary tool that is essential for every investigation. It is useful for detecting paranormal activities and documenting investigations. You should choose one with the best qualities. For more, read my review of the best ghost hunting cameras on the market.

2. Digital Recorder

You need a good digital recorder for recording electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Investigators prefer them as compared to cassettes since they don’t have moving parts, this eliminates motor noise recordings.

3. Pen and Paper

A pen and a paper are useful for keeping a log of the events that you need to accomplish. Additionally, they are helpful in case your batteries become flat before you finish the investigation. You will also use them to keep readings from other equipment.

4. Extra Batteries

If you will be using equipment that uses batteries such as cameras, ensure that they are fully charged before starting the ghost hunt. Having extra batteries is essential in case others malfunction or run out quickly.

5. EMF Meter

EMF Meters are essential for detecting electromagnetic fields. They are used for ghost hunting with the theory that the presence of ghosts affects or disrupts this field. To detect legitimate anomalies and spikes, begin by recording readings across the area under investigation and not the numbers.

6. Thermal Scanner

Thermal cameras are used on the theory that where ghosts drain warmth on the places they are present making them cold spots. Hence, the tool enables you to record the temperatures of spots across the room.

7. Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are useful in detecting movements within a certain, and it provides you with alerts through visual art or audio.


A flashlight is an essential tool when it comes to ghost hunting. This is why having a functional device is crucial to the success of your hunting. It is vital to get it right when buying one to avoid frustrations when you are in the field.

The guide on safety tips and other equipment to have when ghost hunting provides you with insights to enable you to prepare well before going to haunt. Hopefully, this guide has equipped you with the basics you need to make your hunting better.

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