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Thermal Cameras For Ghost Hunting – What Do You Need to See the Unseen?

Are you trying to find the best thermal camera for ghost hunting? In this review, I’ll show you different options for different budgets and requirements. I guarantee you that after reading this guide you’ll be able to pick the ghost thermal camera that suits your needs the most. Throughout this article, there are several reviews of devices as well as a buyer’s guide.

Let’s get started.

Buying the Right Equipment

Ghost hunting is all about searching into the unknown and investigating the unseen. It’s important to have the right equipment to bring your investigation to the world. Having the proper equipment helps with your brand, your professionalism, and most importantly your results.

Results are what give paranormal investigators their credit and reputation. Having good equipment means that the results are just that much better. This means better images, better proof, better sightings, better footage, less false positives and more efficiency.

There is a range of manufacturers and products. Depending on your budget and your investigation, different products would better suit your needs. It’s important to find the equipment that would work best for you and your team. It’s not a paranormal stroll, it’s a paranormal hunt and you need the right tools for the job.

There are a lot of equipment that helps elevate the results of an investigation. Thermal image cameras are just one example of a piece of equipment useful for investigating the unknown as well as the unseen.

FLIR C2FLIR C2 Compact

FLIR is a company providing thermal imaging cameras for nearly every field that uses them, from construction to health care. They provide their customers with ‘the world’s sixth sense’, as per their clever slogan. The FLIR C2 is a best seller, and one of FLIR’s most convenient and compact models. FLIR C2 is a compact cost-effective model that goes where you need it to.

With an 80 x 60 resolution Infrared sensor, a 41° x 31° field of view and touch screen, this focus free camera provides detailed infrared images. It registers temperatures between –10°C to 150°C (14°F to 302°F). Like many of the other FLIR cameras, it has MSX imaging and a Picture-in-picture mode. MSX enhances your images in real time with details from the visible light camera. This allows the image to show both visible light and infrared light to recognize where the infrared originates. Picture-in-picture mode overlays a selection of the thermal image over the digital one to clarify the results. With over 2 hours of rechargeable battery time, this small camera can hold up to 500 photos. And when you need a little extra light, there’s a built-in flashlight. Wrapped in a rubber case for durability, it protects your budget-friendly $450 investment while on the go.

This model is perfect for small mobile teams and investigations since it’s compact, durable, and portable. During investigations, The FLIR C2 can hold hundreds of photo evidence. Unlike other forms of equipment that are complicated to learn, this camera is simple to operate and even simpler to upload the images to a computer. The FLIR C2 makes it easy and convenient to research into the paranormal.


  1. Best Seller
  2. Compact
  3. Additional Image Modes – MSX And Picture and Picture
  4. Rechargeable Battery with A 2-Hour Lifespan

Check the current price on Amazon


Here’s another product from FLIR, a company whose range helps to explore the world of the unseen. This compact model is on the higher end of FLIR’s E series for both quality and price. It’s even an Amazon’s Choice. This camera is a higher end option with a lot of versatility.

The FLIR E8 is here to help the ghost hunter in the world of technology. This model is Wi-Fi connective. The FLIR E8 can connect to smartphones and tablets through the FLIR tools mobile app, which means that you can share your photos and reports wirelessly. As other FLIR E cameras do, this model has MSX imaging and a thumbnail gallery. It’s different from the E4 and E5 models as it also has a picture-in-picture mode. With a 320 x 240 resolution, infrared sensor and a 45° x 34° field of view, this camera provides high-resolution images. This has a high resolution which means that the images will be more detailed and have less thermal noise. This durable 2 meter tested camera registers temperatures between –20°C to 250°C (–4°F to 482°F). Combining Wi-Fi capabilities, an interactive app, a 4-hour battery life, and internal memory that can hold up to 500 images, this $3,000 high-end camera provides quality at a quality price.

This model is perfect for larger ghost hunting teams or teams with members that work remotely. The FLIR E8 is also ideal for investigations over a larger location as it lets team members share their findings in real time. The Wi-Fi connection and the connected app make connecting with your colleagues and with the spirits of the dead much easier.


  1. High Resolution (320 X 240)
  2. Durable 2-Meter Drop Tested
  3. Wi-Fi Capabilities
  4. Thumbnail Gallery
  5. Rechargeable Battery 4-Hour Lifespan

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Therm-App TA19A17Q-1000Therm-App TA19A17Q-1000

Therm-App is an intuitive app that turns a smartphone into a thermal imaging device. Since 1983, this company has been in the market of versatile visual hardware. One of those is the convenient and powerful Therm-App TA19A17Q-1000. Therm-App provides a powerful thermographic camera that fits inside your pocket to take images on the go.

Therm-App TA19A17Q-1000 is a high-end option that provides quality high-resolution thermal images. Versatility is one of its strong suits. This device offers two different modes, including a day/night imaging and basic thermography imaging. As well, the lenses are interchangeable, depending on your needs. There’s a range of options for lenses; 6.8 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm and 35 mm. It’s an open source platform that has software and feature updates easily through Google Play. Using a 384 x 288 resolution infrared sensor, this device provides infrared images and registers temperatures between -10°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F). Since it connects to a phone, it’s extremely convenient and small enough for your pocket. More than that, it’s powered by your phone so there isn’t a need for external power sources. Compatible with Android 4.1 and higher, this $1,100 smartphone addition is an amazing addition to your investigation.

Therm-App TA19A17Q-1000 is ideal for paranormal investigators that are looking for a portable and powerful piece of thermal imaging technology. It doesn’t require a lot of supporting equipment making it easily portable and storable. Combining the portability, compact design, high-resolution sensor, and smartphone connectivity, this device makes it simple to take thermal images anywhere you need to go.


  1. Portable
  2. High Resolution (384 x 288)
  3. Interchangeable Lenses
  4. No External Power Source Needed

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Seek Thermal Compact XRSeek Thermal XR Imager for iOS-Apple

Seek Thermal is a company set to provide powerfully compact thermal imagers.  Built for seeing the unseen, they cater to a range of applications including automotive, firefighting, law enforcement and hunting. Seek Thermal Compact XR is one of their compact series, and the XR stands for extra range. It’s 1,800 ft. Detection Distance with a narrow 20° Field of View to be exact. With Compact XR finding ghosts in the darkness is a cinch.

If you prefer using your phone, the Compact XR is a versatile option for both Android and IOS. Compatibility is with iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 5, and iPad 4 and higher. This is another model that’s highly portable, and versatile. Since it’s compact, and includes a pocket-sized, waterproof carrying case, it’s extremely convenient for caring around no matter what the weather or project. Combining, a budget-friendly price tag of $213, intuitive simple user interface, and video capabilities, this model provides great convenience when taking thermal images. This device detects temperatures from -4.4°C to 330°C (-40°F to 626°F) using a 206 x 156 thermal sensor. Built with versatility in mind, the Compact XR has a focusable lens, a 9 color palette and threshold mode to give you more options and control in your imaging.

Seek thermal’s Compact XR is ideal for a ghost hunting team that’s on the go and needs something powerful, compact, and versatile. Unlike other models that only take still shots, this camera also takes videos. That’s extremely helpful for comparing different areas and for getting further results. Seek Thermal is another brand of thermal imaging that coined the phrase “see the unseen”. This product does just that and see things you never could otherwise see with the naked eye.


  1. Compact
  2. Android and Apple Compatible
  3. Video capabilities
  4. No External Power Source Needed

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FLIR E4 is a powerful thermal imaging camera on the lower end of the FLIR E series. This is a series focusing on bringing powerful devices to customers. FLIR’s catchphrase is “the world’s sixth sense”, which is perfect for paranormal investigations. With the FLIR E4, you can see the world in a new light.

With an 80 x 60 infrared sensor, and a 45° x 34° field of view and a focus free lens this camera detects a temperature range between –20°C to 250°C (–4°F to 482°F). The internal memory stores at least 500 images with fast download speed, a rechargeable battery that lasts for 4 hours. This durable model, while being on the lower end with a lower cost of $950, is a powerful piece of FLIR technology. As many of the other FLIR cameras, it has both MSX imaging and Picture-in-picture. This enhances both the image’s quality and clarity. Combining simple button navigation, onscreen settings, and a large 3.0 in. color LCD screen, the FLIR E4 is an easy user-friendly model. With a Wi-Fi connection and this durable model, you can connect with the world around you. No matter where you are, you can share images and send reports instantly through the FLIR tools mobile app.

With the Wi-Fi connectivity, versatility, your paranormal investigating is simple and straightforward. This model is perfect for teams and investigations that require sharing data in real time, and require simplicity and versatility. Simply aim, click, shoot, and share with your FLIR E4.


  1. Wi-Fi And App Connectivity
  2. Durable 2-Meter Drop Tested
  3. Fast Download Speed
  4. Large 3.0 Inch LCD Screen
  5. Rechargeable

Check the current price on Amazon

HTI@XT Instrument 260 x 160 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal ImagerHTI@XT Instrument 260 x 160 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal Imager

This model is a handheld camera that can glimpse into the unseen. It’s budget-friendly camera at $418.99. Using a 160 x 220 infrared sensor, it can detect temperatures between -20℃ and 300℃ (-4℉ to 572℉). It also has a varied color palette available for the thermal images. Palettes include rainbow, iron oxide red, cold colour, black & white, white & black.

The camera is lightweight, weighing only 289 grams. The comfortable ergonomic handle provides an easy grip for any angle. This is perfect for getting readings in awkward or small spaces without harming the wrist or elbow joints. With a 32-colour display screen, simple buttons, and a rechargeable battery this camera is easy to operate. Another exciting aspect is that it comes with a 4 GB SD card that can hold over 500 photos.

I’d recommend it for a ghost hunting team that’s on the go and needs something ergonomic, versatile, and lightweight. This camera lets you explore a setting during an investigation and have detailed readings without the discomfort associated with bulkier models. Day or night, through fog and or bushes, this model will pick up what humans can’t see.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Rechargeable Battery
  3. 4 GB SD Card Included
  4. 5 Colour Palettes
  5. 160 X 220

Check the current price on Amazon

Seek Thermal Reveal XRSeek Thermal Reveal XR

Here’s another camera from Seek Thermal from the Reveal line, that focuses on handheld models. As with many of Seek Thermal’s products, this camera is convenient and compact. Seek Thermal Reveal XR lets you explore the world in a way you couldn’t before.

The extra range Using a 206 x 156 sensor, a fixed focus lens, and a battery life of over 10 hours, this is an amazing camera. Built for quality and portability, this camera has built-in storage to save thermal images directly to the included micro SD card. Combining a fixed focus lens, and a 20˚ Field of View, the camera scans up to 900 ft. (275 meters) for temperatures between -40°C to 330 °C (-40°F to 626°F). This is a mid-level model in the Reveal series and is cost-effective at only $469. Its button interface, single-handed design, and long battery life make it ideal for those taking long investigations.

This durable camera is powered with high-resolution technology that’s perfect for professional ghost hunters. The micro SD card, extra range, and 10-hour battery life make The Reveal XR perfect for overnight or large area investigations. Whether it’s day, dawn, dusk, or complete darkness, Seek Thermal’s Reveal XR captures the unseen.


  1. Micro SD Card Included
  2. Long Battery Life
  3. Handheld Design
  4. 900 Ft. Detection Distance

Check the current price on Amazon


FLIR’s has a range of products, for several fields and workplaces. FLIR’s products provide versatility and ingenuity into their products. The FLIR TG130 Spot is an example of a versatile camera with a cost-effective price tag. Although you may not be able to see in the dark, the FLIR TG130 can.

Ergonomic and durable in design, the FLIR TG130 Spot model combines high-resolution imaging, ergonomic grip, and 1.8 in. LCD screen in one easy to use device. With a budget-friendly price tag of $239, the TG130 combines the benefits of the single spot IR thermometers and FLIR’s industry-leading thermal cameras. Temperatures detected by this camera range from -10°C to 150°C (14°F to 302°F). Thanks to the 80 x 60 Infrared sensor and a 55° x 43° field of view, its images are detailed and clear. Combining impact resistance with a sturdy carrying case, FLIR TG130 is good to go anywhere the ghosts are. This camera takes 3 AAA, meaning that it doesn’t require downtime to recharge.

This innovative camera is powered with intuitive controls, and 3 AAA batteries meaning that investigations don’t have to wait for training or a full battery. The FLIR TG130 doesn’t’ require rechargeable batteries like many other models. A team can go from investigation to investigation without worrying about the battery life. The FLIR TG130 makes it easy for a paranormal investigative team travel to where the mysteries lie.


  1. 3 AAA
  2. Intuitive Controls
  3. Budget Friendly
  4. Ergonomic grip

Check the current price on Amazon

Fluke TIS10Fluke TIS10

Fluke is a company “keeping your world up and running”. They have a range of electronic testing equipment and software from battery analysers, to digital multimeters. And of course, they have a range of infrared cameras. Fluke TIS10 is from their performance series, a series that balances quality with affordability. Built for affordable quality, this camera can be yours for $1409.

With 80 x 60 infrared sensor, IR-Fusion technology image optimization, it quickly scans up to quality images with temperatures between -20°C to 350°C (-4°F to 662°F). Combining a fixed focus lens, a 4 GB internal memory, and fluke cloud storage, results in a simple but dynamic camera capable of storing thousands of images. Rugged and durable in design, Fluke TIS10 combines quality imaging and wireless Wi-Fi capabilities in one intuitive device. When you need to share things fast, you can share images in real time across fluke connect. With this camera, the images are easy to capture, analyse and share. You can connect your camera with fluke connect to easily email and share images in real time. Fluke Connect also allows you to view different measurements from the same piece of equipment simultaneously. With a 3.5-inch LCD display and button navigation, the Fluke TIS10 is simple to shoot, operate and analyse.

Combining a fixed focus lens, a 4 GB internal memory, and Fluke cloud storage, results in a simple but dynamic camera capable of storing thousands of images. Fluke connect is amazing when collaborating with other teams or professionals, as they can get real-time images and information.


  1. Fluke connects
  2. Fluke Cloud Storage
  3. 4 GB Internal Memory and Optional 4 GB Micro SD Card
  4. IR-Fusion Technology

Check the current price on Amazon

FLIR E60FLIR E60 Compact

FLIR provides a range of equipment for everyone’s budget. FLIR E60 was one of FLIR’s top ghost hunting cameras. Sadly, it’s been discontinued by the manufacturer but is still available in several online retail outlets. This is one of the pricier solutions at nearly $7,500 with a range of additional fantastic features.

Quality, sleek, and professional, FLIR E60 MSX imaging, picture in picture, a flashlight and a laser pointer to be a versatile tool. Adding to its versatility, this camera has interchangeable lenses 15˚ and 45 sold separately. Combining a Large Touchscreen with Auto-Orientation and, this camera is perfect for capturing quality images of ghostly apparitions. The FLIR E60 has a thermal sensitivity of <0.05 degree Celsius, a 320 x 240 infrared sensor and a thermal range of -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1202 °F), which allow you to spot even the subtlest temperature patterns and details. A 320 x 240 thermal sensor accurately identifies heat signatures with a high degree of accuracy.

As one of the models the highest end, this camera comes with quite a few features. These features make it wonderful for large teams or complicated investigations. If versatility, reliability, high resolution, and connectivity is what you’re looking for in your investigation, then here it is. the FLIR E60 is a great option for extensive investigations and large teams.


  1. Interchangeable Lenses
  2. Additional Light and Laser Pointer.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity
  4. 512 MB Mini SD Card
  5. High Resolution (320 x 240)

Check the current price on Amazon

ghost iconBuyers Guide

If you still feel unsure on which model to pick then please take a look at the buyer’s guide below which will help you to understand thermal cameras better and pick the best model for ghost hunts.

What Are They?

They are cameras that capture infrared light. They’re also known as infrared or thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are like a common camera. However, they are very different in one aspect. Normal cameras register mainly visible light and infrared cameras register mainly infrared light. A common camera forms images using visible light with wavelengths approximately 400-700 nanometres, while an infrared camera operates with infrared light with wavelengths up to 14000 nanometers.

How Do They Work?

An infrared camera can ‘see’ through what the human eye cannot because it doesn’t register visible light, just the infrared. Infrared light and visible light are rather different and the way that our eyes perceive them are as well. Everything emits blackbody radiation which is a result of their temperature. Unless an object is at absolute zero, it gives off infrared radiation. The higher something’s temperature is, the more infrared is emitted. That’s what the infrared camera captures.

What Types Are There?

These cameras are used in a range of different fields such as military, security, firefighting, electricians, construction, health care, astronomy, and of course capturing proof of the afterlife. There are two broad types of thermal cameras. Cooled infrared detectors and uncooled infrared detectors.

Cooled infrared detectors contain a required cooling typically in a cryogenic cooling mechanism. The cooler substantially limits thermal noise in the image making for a cleaner better-quality show. Without it, they’d be flooded with their own radiation thus degrading the quality and accuracy of the image. They’re more expensive to make and run. They require time to cool down before they can be used. The benefit of a cooled infrared detector is that they are more sensitive and can use higher f-number lenses.

Uncooled infrared detectors don’t need to be cooled as they use a sensor operating at ambient temperature. The sensor then measures the change of resistance voltage and current to produce the values in the image. They don’t require bulky or expensive cooling equipment. Thus, they are smaller and cheaper but the resolution and image quality is not as good. They are getting better, and they are the most commonly used because of its ease and maintainability. The example in this article are all uncooled infrared detectors.

What Do the Colours Represent? What If It’s a Ghost?

After taking a picture, the image is typically monochrome or in the cases of color image sensors being used, they’re in pseudocolor. Our eyes don’t see infrared light the same way that we see visible light. The color of the image is used to differentiate the intensity of the wavelengths and not actual hues like how you and I see it. Depending on the coloring system, there are specific colors to show the specific wavelengths. Brighter colors like white represent warmer and the darker colors like black represent the cooler. Ghosts typically will alter their environments in terms of cold spots and warm spots. These will show up as something that isn’t seen with the naked eye either as a bright spot (in the case of a warm spot) or a dark spot (in the case of a cold spot).

What About in Terms of Ghost Hunting?

Photography in paranormal research has been used since the late 1800s. It’s become more popular because of television series such as Ghost hunters, ghost adventures, and destination truth. The theory behind ghosts being seen through the thermal camera is the temperature changes associated with the paranormal. Thermal imaging devices are meant to find unexplained warm or cold spots. This equipment is able to find other sources of the heat or chill to avoid false positives. These cameras let you see beyond the human eye and glimpse into the realm of the unseen, the world of the paranormal.

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