how to become a Paranormal Investigator

How to Become a Paranormal Investigator

Studying and investigating the presence of aliens, ghosts, demons, lake monsters, and spirits is fascinating. It’s not your regular hobby though. It’s not for the fainthearted either. It requires a bold and strong-willed soul.

If you think it’s time you explored the mystery behind spirits, ghosts, and demons, it’s good to first learn and master the art of dealing with these mystical creatures. You should prepare yourself mentally and equipment-wise to avoid surprises.

After a lengthy research and inquiry from paranormal analysts and scientists as well as my own experience, I have come up with an all-inclusive guide on the most pertinent tips on how to become a paranormal investigator.

Accept and Believe in the Existence of Ghosts

Paranormal investigation is not all about studying the way ghosts live and everything else about their existences. It’s a broad niche that requires more than just enough background understanding of ghosts. It requires you to accept and believe in ghosts otherwise you will be trying your luck in the wrong field. There are still some successful sceptics but most of most them do have faith in what they are doing. It’s almost impossible to succeed in the ghost hunting field if you don’t believe in the existence of ethereal beings.

Do a Thorough Homework and Research

Find and read as many research materials regarding UFO sightings, ghosts, and poltergeists as you can get hold of. You need to know the protocol veteran investigators follow while in their line of duty as well as the way they approach the paranormal work. Make sure you get a grasp of the slang they use and the safety cautions while conducting the investigation. Preparation is the key. As the famous saying goes: failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Join a Group of Experienced Investigators

When growing up in any profession, you must make friends with like-minded people who have some experience in that area. You can’t be surer of looming quickly and understanding the profession requirements with ease than when you join a group of experts in the specialty you want to concentrate on. When you want to learn how to become a paranormal investigator, collaborating with a group of talented and experienced ghost hunters will greatly help you to understand the profession fast and with ease. It will be a good idea to join a local club and attend conventions. The more time you spend with people who have a strong track record in the industry, the smoother and more rewarding your learning experience will be.

Learn the Ropes from an Expert

There is no single university or college course that focuses on paranormal investigation. In short, you can’t learn the ropes anywhere in the world’s most renowned universities or colleges. The good news is that there are some online-based institutions that offer research materials and training for a small fee. These are often short-term courses that cost somewhere between 30 to 100 dollars. With the research materials and investigation videos you will be supplied with when you enroll for these courses, you can be sure to master the art of hunting ghosts sooner than you can imagine. All you need is to choose the best program that has a strong track record helping novice ghost hunters become respected professionals.

Enroll for Advanced Paranormal Investigator Certificate Programs

There is no single body that controls the certification process. More so, there are no set of rules that  you have to follow. That means paranormal investigators don’t require acquiring certain certifications before they start offering their services. However, there are some advanced certificate programs which if you take and pass the examination; you will be awarded certifications. These in-seat certification courses teach a whole lot of paranormal situations, structures, and strategies to ensure learners can best understand what needs to be done while hunting ghosts. The taught strategies include but not limited to setting up equipment, interviewing eyewitnesses and historians, processing data, and preparing detailed reports out of the collected data.

Acquire High-End Ghost Hunting Equipment

Just like every other professional, ghost hunting requires adequate access to and proper use of the right equipment. No matter how experienced or talented you are, you can’t make it as a successful ghost hunter if you lack the right equipment. When starting out, you will require having a camera for shooting the scene, tape recording device for recording all the videos shot during the investigation process, a notebook for writing down your views and reports, and a flashlight for lighting dark areas to get a better view of the scene. Anywhere there are paranormal beings, there are chances of magnetic and electric field disturbances being registered so you should as well get a good quality EMF detector for doing that job.

It’s highly recommended you only opt for the latest and most innovative equipment if you want your ghost hunting experience to be a fun and rewarding one.

I’ve spent some time buying and reviewing different pieces of ghost hunting equipment so here are my reviews so far:

I’ll update this list with new reviews soon.

Start Your Investigation Work to Gain Experience

No matter how much time and money you spend learning how to hunt ghosts, you won’t gain any experience. You must engage in real paranormal activities to earn experience and to better understand the and-outs of the industry. The theoretical training you have acquired combined with the innovative equipment you already have will help to smooth your first ghost hunting experience. The first place to start testing the skills you have learned will be spooky spots and areas that are marked as haunted. It will also be a good idea you try interviewing people who happened to spend time in the haunted areas to know how their experiences were. While doing all this, you may need the help of an experienced paranormal investigator to achieve more precise results.

Here are some of the best haunted places to visit:


Becoming a ghost investigator may not be as easy as some people want us to believe but it is definitely doable with the right approach. If you follow the steps outlined above, you won’t have to struggle to realize your dreams of becoming a paranormal investigator. Start learning now.

You may never know, you may be the most sought-after ghost investigator some months from today.

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