How to Ghost Hunt Without Equipment

How to Ghost Hunt Without Equipment

Does your home have some creaking or rattling noises? Have you heard of some paranormal activities in the neighborhood school? Has your inner ghost hunter come out, and you want to do some ghost hunting?

If yes, you may be confused because there’s a wide range of equipment to use to look for ghosts like barometers, EVP devices, EMF detectors, digital recorders, the latest ghost hunting cameras and air ion counters, that you don’t know what to buy and take along with you.

Well if you ask me, I personally feel that you can be successful in your ghost hunt only if you do it without equipment. I feel that the presence of equipment only distracts you, and prevents you from experiencing the ghost experience.

You will be busy setting up your equipment and you miss the ghost. No ghost will wait for you. You have to be ready to see them because they arrive unannounced.

No point collecting evidence

If you wonder how you can collect evidence of your sightings, well, I feel that there’s no point in collecting evidence. Just imagine. Any video or photos you capture with moving shadows and mists usually end up disputed as hoaxes or something explainable.

So what’s the point in trying to gather proof of your paranormal inspection? Who do you plan to prove you’ve seen ghosts? There’s no need to show anyone any evidence or proof.

In fact, if you want to prove that there are spirits, you better go without any tools. You can at the most carry a flashlight, and of course a friend because the most important rule about these investigations is not to go alone.

Use your senses

If you ask me, I feel that going on a ghost hunt without any equipment gives you a chance to become one with the environment. You’ll agree that it’s a Zen-like experience because most people these days tend to multi-task and have no time to experience their surroundings.

We lose touch with our senses and instincts, which we can revive during a paranormal investigation without tools. If you carry equipment, you end up missing something important while juggling through tools.

This is why I feel my best ghost hunts were when I had nothing in my hand but spent hours sitting in the dark, noticing all the sounds and vibrations around me and getting used to whatever I experienced. I feel that our sixth senses are the best tools you need in your quest for paranormal activity.

I vouch by this because it was while I was sitting in the dark that I realized that my vision was much more acute than normal and my hearing grew really sharp.

I even noticed changes in my skin sensitivity to extreme temperature changes, much better than open windows or air conditioning. That was when I realized that our body was the best tool to carry on a paranormal investigation because it could capture so much to help direct you in the right direction of the ghost.

How to recognize sensations

Now let me explain better The most common sensations people report regarding the presence of paranormal activities is thick heavy air, going off balance, a headache, sudden anger, rage or sadness, nausea, tingling scalps and goosebumps or chills.

There are also lots of theories explaining these sensations. For example, some people say that the air turns cold because ghosts tend to suck the energy out of the surroundings to leave it cold.

Thick or heavy air and a feeling of lightheadedness or off balance is because of changes in barometer pressure. When it comes to Goosebumps and chills, they excite me the most if they happen for no reason at all.

I mean, it’s okay if you hear or think of something and you get Goosebumps because it’s your body’s instinctive reaction to something unseen. However, if you get Goosebumps for no reason at all, then there’s definitely something near you.

See? It proves that your senses are more than enough to catch a ghost! Similarly, I’m sure many of you have walked to some room of your home, just to realize that you’ve forgotten why you went into it, and what you were supposed to do or get from there.

You end up recollecting your actions before entering the room and then you remember why you had to go to the room. Now while you go hunting for ghosts, you are on a mission to find a spirit and are focused and know what you are doing.

So if you walk through a supposedly haunted spot and suddenly stop because you feel lost and don’t know what you were supposed to do, it is because you had entered the hot spot. It’s happened to me, and that’s when my mind started shifting as if I was trying to locate a thought. And boy, was that a psychic moment!

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Train your senses

It’s not easy for everyone to get in touch with their senses because like I’d mentioned earlier, most of us are too busy with our work that we don’t have time to tune into our senses.

You have to actually train your senses so that it picks up these changes around you. And the best way to do this is in your own horn. Just turn off all the lights, all devices you have and make sure you are all alone. Spend at least three hours at home like this, and though it may be difficult, you’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself.

You also learn to notice your surroundings and pick up various clues. This is important to go ghost hunting. You need to be ready to be alone and end up bored in a quiet and dark spot, just waiting for spirits and having nothing to do.

If you manage to pass these three hours, and you can focus on your thoughts without distraction and listen to your body, it means you are ready as a paranormal investigator.

This training will help you see even the faintest things in the darkness while you may hear lots of sounds, some eerie, some explainable.

How to go hunting for ghosts without equipment

Now that you are ready to go ghost hunting without tools, you next have to look for a location. You can’t expect to find all your ghosts at home! Spirits are found in most haunted locations, so you need to do your research to get yourself prepared for the kind of ghost you find and its related challenges.

For example, you may want to plan a paranormal investigation in the evening if most ghost sightings in the location were in the evening. Most of the time, paranormal activities take place near battlefields, cemeteries, schools, forts and houses where you may find anything from lost souls to murder victims to playful spirits or angry ones.


You have to choose these locations first, based on the type of energy you want to investigate. Don’t forget to find out as much about the ghost encounters as possible as when they appear, if they are vocal and where they were seen.

Don’t judge spots by its age because spirits can be anywhere. While a house may have been lived in for 28 years and has had ghostly activities for 10 years is only 65 years old, remember that the land it was built on was settled and lived on long back, in the fifth century.

Cemeteries generally have spirits because there are theories that they have portals to the other side, and that some spirits are attracted to their bodies.

Schools build up psychic energies from all the emotional events that had transpired there. Battlefields are obvious locations, for psychic energy and spirits because many violet deaths had taken place in one area It’s worth finding out all you can about the spot’s history through newspapers, books and town historians.

Walk around the area to get a feel of the surroundings and the spirits feel you for about 20 minutes. Note anything unusual that happens like emotions and feelings which seem to of place.

Get permission

Don’t forget to get permission to go hunting for spirits once you decide on a spot, especially if it’s a private property. If you don’t you may end up trespassing and end up liable for any damage caused on the property.

Be careful while investigating abandoned structures because they may not be safe and could have hazards that hurt or kill you.

Never go alone

As I’d mentioned earlier, never go ghost hunting alone as spirits usually visit these spots in the dark. It’s safe to take along your buddies as you never know what you will encounter.

Besides, with them around, you have added proof to verify your sightings and someone to share your experiences. Don’t forget to tell your near and dear about your investigations, and give them all details like how long you plan to be away and the address.

I feel that for safety reasons, it’s always better to do your investigations in haunted spots before it gets dark. This way you will be able to get your bearings and also locate emergency exits you can use if something unforeseen happens.

Basic necessities

At the most, you can carry a mobile phone to contact your loved ones, and a camera if you want, to click photos randomly in different directions to capture unexpected activity.

Instead of carrying tools, I always feel it’s better to take things for your safety purposes. This includes a first aid kit, a rope, food and water, spare batteries for your torch and phone, torches and of course, wearing aid kit, a rope, food and water, spare batteries for your torch and phone, torches and of course, wearing sensible clothes and footwear! I also feel that you should take along some personal ID in case you need some identification proof during your ghost hunt.

Types of spirits

Through my experience, I’d say that there are basically 2 types of spirits you may find while in a paranormal investigation. The first are human spirits which you find in 95% of ghost hunts. They were humans at one time and may not even know they are dead but have remained spirits because of some unfinished guilt or business.

They resemble the person they were when alive and so may be good or bad, but usually are not dangerous. You may at the most witness a residual haunting or a playback of a past event which is like you watching a video of the past over and over again.

The second were never humans, and are bad news. This is just for your information about their existence because the chance of your encountering them is rather slim. I’ve encountered them only once, so far.

A positive frame of mind

And as you are going ghost hunting without equipment, my personal experience says that you need to start in a positive frame of mind. I suggest you go as a group and ask for blessings or protection during the hunt.

This needn’t be anything religious, just all of you spending about 10 seconds on a small prayer because it’s always better to be safe than sorry! To me saying this prayer puts you in a positive frame of mind and ready to face the evil spirits without any worries.

Final tips

You are now ready to go ghost hunting without equipment. I need not remind you that doing drugs and alcohol are a no-no because of its’ consequences.

It’s also better to not wear any perfume or cologne with a scent because someone may mistake the smell for a supernatural occurrence. Some spirits use scents and smells to garner attention.

Remember, you can’t prove any evidence you collect during your ghost hunt, so there’s no need to carry any equipment. I feel that what’s most exciting about the investigation is not capturing proof but experiencing it.

It sends an adrenaline rush that makes you want to return to the spot again just to get a kick and a high’ experiencing the presence of ghosts! I know many people who had spent so much on cool gadgets, and spending so much time trying to get them ready to capture ghosts, but eventually missing out on the experience.

So to me, I promise you that you will get much more from your ghost hunting experience if you do it without tools!

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