How To Record EVP

How To Record EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Recording EVPs can be interesting and surprisingly easy, and with the right equipment and a little luck, you should be able to capture them in many places. Capturing can be a hit and miss affair for sure, however, if you closely follow these tips and instructions, you should be able to record good ones without too much hassle. But first…

What is an EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is essentially a mysterious recording of intelligible voices from an unknown sources. The origin of the voices doesn’t have a physical explanation, but they are thought to originate from ghosts, other dimensions, and even our subconscious. The theory that some of these voices originate from the diseased is the reason why people began to experiment with EVP.

Ghost hunting researchers and groups attempt to capture and record these voices as part of their routine investigations. The good news is you don’t have to be a researcher or belong to a ghost hunting group to record EVP. You don’t even need to go to the allegedly haunted locations. If you want, you can try it at home.

Characteristics of the EVP Voices

The EVP recorded voices may be sometimes very quiet and difficult to hear and interpret. Most EVP researchers and hobbyists have over time developed an “ear for these sounds and can distinguish them from background noises. Transform EVP voices can be recognized as either young or old and female or male.

Most messages are rarely longer than four words. Words are often spoken very quickly and the voices have a distinctive cadence. Analysis has shown that the EVPs are simulations of voices made from sounds supplied from different unknown sources. The voices often have oddly arranged formats and lack voice box frequencies.

Types of Recording

Recording EVP under controlled condition can allow you to control ambient noise and introduce a special form of background noise. It’s however difficult to keep the environmental conditions under control or supply background sound if you’re doing field recording. In known haunted areas, there may be helpful energy for contact.

The EVP that is formed in audio recorders by transformation of background sound is known as ‘transform EVP.’ With this technique, you can sometimes recognize the voice of the speaker The EVP formed using a computer program or sweeping a radio dial are known as ‘opportunistic EVP’ —this is because sounds required for formation of voices need to be availed on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Recording Procedure


Het a Voice Recorder

Even though you can get started with something as simple as a smartphone, I personally recommend starting with a digital voice recorder. The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune on a recorder as most quality models are also affordable. You should probably avoid analog as they have many moving parts which make noises. Look for a model that can allow you to record for longer periods without having to swap memory cards. If your budget allows, you can invest in a good quality microphone which you can plug into your recorder Good microphones are very sensitive to quiet noises and the quality of sound is really great.

Configure the recorder

Once you get your hands on a good recorder, you need to calibrate it Many recorders come with different quality settings for recording audio. I recommend that you set to the maximum quality offered by your recorder.

Some recorder models come with digital filters which out off some frequencies of sounds to enhance human voice and make it clearer —you should set this off. Additionally, ensure that you use a fresh pair of batteries and carry some extra —it’s said that ghosts drain batteries, you will see.

Set a goal for recording

Most EVP sessions rarely go exactly as planned, however meticulous your plan is. For this reason, it’s wiser to just set up minimum goals instead of having a lengthy, complicated plan. Once you have fulfilled these goals, you can experiment with the paranormal activity.

Some of your goals could include:

  • Asking specific questions.
  • Capturing irrefutable EVP sounds.
  • Recording EVP for a certain period of time.
  • Determining why the paranormal force is present.
  • Finding whether the paranormal forces are friendly or not.

Archiving any of these goals can be a great milestone. I personally like working with a couple of goals on each EVP recording session. These can help you decode further any presence of paranormal force.

Find a place to record EVP

Have you found a place to investigate your EVP investigation yet? There’re many reasons people choose certain places for this investigation —it could be that place has a documented history of paranormal sightings, violence etc. whatever the reason, it’s always a good idea to have some background details which can guide you with the type of questions that you ask.


Voices can be captured at any time of the day (or night). However, you might want to record at regular places and times in the beginning. This allows entities to know when to expect future sessions and contact and also helps you to focus your attention to the process. Try finding a quiet place with minimal interruptions. It’s ok to have some background sounds, however, you should be aware of them and note them so that you can distinguish them from the EVP.

Research has revealed that entities ride on sounds in the environment to help them form words for the case of transform EVP. As you would expect, most field recording situations have some kind of background sounds. If your environment is extremely quiet, you might want to introduce some background sound like running water or a fan. Some investigators use crowd babble, foreign language radio or audio tapes. You should, however, avoid using live or radio static voice of any form.


Some people will begin with a short prayer or meditation as a form of inviting friends from the other sides to participate while welcoming only those who will be intending well. You can do either, whichever works for you It’s also good to record when your personal energy is the highest.


Turn on your recorder and making sure that all the necessary settings have been don. Keep quiet and listen for the first one minimum as you observe any background noise in that area. There might be animals, cars passing at intervals, or some distant voice. Make note of such noises so that you can decode them when it comes to analyzing the recordings.

The entities often come through as soon as you turn in the recorder. You can now start asking questions, which should be clearly vocalized in a normal conversational tone and recorded as well Start with general questions such as:

  • ‘What is your name’
  • ‘Would you like to talk to us?’
  • ‘Why are you here?’

Leave a long pause after each question —about 10 seconds —for EVPs to get captured. If you make a noise or fumble, TAG it right away to ease your analysis later.

At the end of the questioning, ask of the entities have anything else to say. It might be helpful to schedule an ‘appointment’ with the target entities a day before, during meditation, reflection or prayer Some people try recording in the dark, others often try different energy sources and devices to help the entity communicate. I know a few people who have left written questions in the EVP investigations area the day before and it worked.

Keep recording as you occasionally examine your recordings, at least until you understand which area to find the voices. Using two recorders can make finding recordings a little easier. Since EVP will only appear on one soundtrack or recorder, two recorders mean you won’t mistake the local background sounds for EVP.


The voices may not be heard until playback, especially in transform EVP. Researchers have revealed that voices tend to become clearer and stronger as the entities gain the confidence, so the voices may at first speak in whispers. Additionally, you might not record voices in every session and it might take a number of sessions to notice the first voice. It takes some practice and learning to actually hear the voices. For starters, it might take up to 45 minutes to examine a 3 to 4-minute voice recording.

Review the session

Once you finish the session, listen to the recordings closely using headphones. Built-in speakers in most recorders are not great, so I suggest you get a good quality pair of headphones that has noise cancellation. During this review, if you hear any voices you can’t explain, you’re probably captured your first EVP. Not down the timing where it appeared and continue reviewing the rest of the recording.

Classes of EVP Voices

Classification of EVP voices is still in its formative stages, however, there are currently three distinctive classifications. There’re other forms of classifications, but for the purpose of this article, let’s stick to the main three. The other classifications are so low in quality that most serious researchers don’t even consider them. There’re some researchers who feel some EVP may require either running the clip in reverse or slowing it down to understand what is being said.


This class is generally considered the rarest and most difficult to capture. But, is the most easily understood with minimal or no disagreement as to what is being said. Most investigators agree that class A EVP is the most compelling evidence for paranormal existence. This class also doesn’t require any enhancement or computer amplifications to be understood, and you can even hear it without the help of headphones. It’s not necessarily loud, but it has to be clear.

Class B EVP

Class B EVP is probably the most commonly captured during EVP investigations. Class B is not as clean as the Class A EVP and there might be some disagreements on exactly what is being said This class may also require enhancement or computer amplification to be understood. Using headphones is also generally recommended.

Class C EVP

Class C EVP is the least clear and it’s generally difficult to understand what is being said. You may never understand what is being said even with the help of enhancements or computer amplifications. The reason it’s considered to be an EVP is because it somehow sounds like human speech mixed up with background noise, static and hiss. But it can’t be understood or discerned in any way. In my opinion, while the Class C EVP might be also interesting, it shouldn’t be considered as evidence for paranormal phenomena.

Keeping a Log

It’s always important to maintain a record of EVP recording results. Include the location, date, time in seconds, the question asked, and the message itself. Be sure to correctly label the audio file so it can be easily located at a later time Some researchers report that weather can affect results, while this hasn’t been well studied, it kind of makes sense that extreme weather can interfere with your recording.

Save raw sessions in dated folders with an indication of location. You might want to keep a separate folder for Class A examples where you can easily retrieve them demonstration to colleagues and friends. If you’re uploading online or sending the files over email, you can convert the may files to .mps files or compress using a compressing software.

Analyzing the EVP

recording After recording and saving your EVP recordings, you need to take some time and listen to the take for any sounds that resemble human voice. You might also use a computer to amplify or enhance the voices that emerge. Researchers view the wave pattern of the voice and sample things like amplitude, pitch and rate. Further analysis of the voice wave pattern can reveal if the voice is indeed an EVP or simply some stray sounds picked up by the mic.

Researchers also use software to make the EVP recordings sound more audible. Some sound software might help you remove background noise or hissing and clicking from the record and boost the strength of the voices. Class A EVPs generally don’t need these enhancements as they are usually very clear You will also notice that authentic EVP voices are full of emotions, never monotone.

Other tools proved useful are a ghost hunting camera with night vision and a ghost thermal camera.


As you can see, recording EVP’s is not as difficult and mysterious as it sounds. I must admit though, it can be a little scary when things get real, especially when recording at night. I know a number of investigators who ran out of the session when the response got so real. All in all, for the fun of it, recording and studying EVP is an interesting experience —you should try it!


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