How to Summon a Demon to make a deal

How to Summon a Demon to Make a Deal

Summoning demons is a delicate act that is generally frowned upon by society. It is incredibly risky because there is a good chance that you might mess up the spell and summon a demon who just wants to tear you apart. There’s also the chance that, like Calypso from Twisted Metal, the demon grants you your wish but twists it around so that you get what you want but in a really bad way. If you’re reading this blog post then I’m going to assume that you are aware of the potential risks and you’re willing to go through with it anyway. Hey, it’s your eternal soul on the line, not mine.

But summoning demons isn’t all doom and gloom. King Solomon from the bible used to summon demons like he was ordering takeout and used them as his personal slaves to build an empire. If done right, summoning a demon might be the best decision your ever made… emphasis on ‘if done right’.

Choosing the Right Demon

Before you get into the actual ritual, you want to decide on which demon you want to summon.

The Underworld is full of demons and they each have their own personalities, kind of like humans. When you want to pick a demon to summon then you should read up on them first. Chose one who has a history of being easy to work with, and whose specialty is in tune with what you want to deal for.

Bune is the demon for you if want to bargain for riches. If he shows up then you can expect to see a dragon with three heads- one is a dog, one is a gryphon and the other is a man. Despite his appearance, Bune is known to be very eloquent and east to talk to.

Knowledge is the second-most requested thing that people ask for when dealing with demons. For this, you will want to interact with Camion, who appears as a bird, or Paimon who is a demon king that appears to you riding on a camel. Camion will teach you how to communicate with animals but Paimon is the guy who teaches the dark arts that can turn other people into your slaves.

In the quest for love, Zepar is the demon for you. He prefers to remain lowkey and and will appear in a simple red cloak and soldier’s armor His specialty is making women fall in love with men and as an added bonus, he can make her barren too.

Andromalius is the demon who deals with recovering lost and stolen items. If the item was stolen then Andromalius will even punish the thief for you.

These are just a few of the more common requests that are made of demons. If your request is a bit more specific, you can go through the Goetia, Solomon’s grimoire that contains a list of demons under his command, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Decide On Your Offering

Yes, I know that you’re eager to get to the details on summoning a demon but preparation is everything. You need to remember that you’re making a deal here and in order for it to be attractive to the demon, you have to offer something of value. Your soul is the ultimate price that demons covet but they will settle for the life of a loved one in a pinch.

If in doubt, you can just ask the demon to tell you what it wants from you What matters is that you are able to follow through with honesty and integrity or the demon will make it much more expensive for you Nobody likes to be stiffed.

The Summoning Processes

There are many ways to summon a demon. Some work better than others so we’re going to give you a few different options to work with.

The Simple Summoning (Beginners Guide)

Before you get started, you will need:

  • Paper
  • Ink and quill
  • Your own blood
  • Matches
  • A lock of your own hair
  • A lexicon of demons to get the correct sigil from

Once you have everything together you are advised to take a moment to engage in deep meditation. This will allow you to center your energy and create a field of light around yourself to protect you from any evil influences.

The procedure goes as follows:

  1. Take some of your blood and mix it in with the ink.
  2. Burn your hair, catch the ashes then mix them in with the ink and blood.
  3. Pick out your demon of choice from the lexicon and identify its symbol. I would suggest that you practice drawing it a few times so that you know how to do it right.
  4. On the paper you had ready, write a letter to the demon that you want to summon with an exact description of what you want and what you are willing to trade for it You have to be very accurate with this part because the devil really is in the details.
  5. Burn the letter that you just wrote and use the ashes to draw the demon’s symbol on your forehead.
  6. Give the demon some time to get back to you
  7. Let us know if it worked.

The Satanic Calling

Satanism is a religion just like any other They have their own rituals and ways of doing things, but the main difference between Satanism and other religions is that they worship Satan. In Christianity you’ve probably heard the priest say something like ‘We invoke the spirit of the Holy Ghost to fill our hearts and souls’. Satanists do the same thing but rather than angels and Jesus Christ, they’re asking to be visited by Satan and his demons.

Whether you think that demons are evil or not is up to you. I like to think that they have their good and their bad days but Satanists are always quick to point out that demons will be good to you for as long as you treat them with humility and respect. I mean, these are entities that have existed for millennia, so you better mind your tone with them.

Satanists want to become like a god, which is self-empowerment through meditation and developing your personal powers. Magic and rituals are commonly used however if they need a more direct form of coaching, they summon demons.

Summoning demons using the Satanic method is more of a request than a summoning. The first thing that you will want to do is pick a private place where you won’t be bothered. Next, burn some high-quality incense sticks (demons hate cheapskates) and try to use a color that the demon prefers. Red, black and blue are popular choices. For a specific demon, draw its sigil on a piece of paper and keep it safe. The Satanist method defers primarily from the standard method because they do not burn the sigil. It is to be treated with the utmost respect.

In popular TV shows and movies the summoner draws a pentagram or a circle to keep the demon contained. Demons find this to be extremely insulting so just treat the demon with respect and you’ll be fin. You don’t need to use a circle unless you want to summon a demon that is likely to rip your head off for disturbing it Why would you want to summon a demon like that anyway?

Now you’re ready to make the actual calling. Close your eyes, visualize the sigil of the demon you wish to summon and recite Satan’s prayer which is a lot like the Lord’s Prayer but with a few significant differences. Whether the demon will show up or not is up to it It may appear to you in a number of ways such as in the smoke from the incense, in the mirror or even in person depending on how sensitive you are to spiritual beings. Once it shows up, you can get to chatting.

Be sure to give the demon something in return for the services rendered. Souls are a favorite however they may accept a promise to exalt their names, work against their enemies or even to promote Satanism whenever you get a chance. If the demon of choice does not show up, you can try again with a different demon. Maybe the first one just didn’t like you.

The Crossroads Summoning

Crossroads Summonings are a favorite in the American south. Many blues and jazz artists throughout the 1900s are believed to have used this method to barter for fame and glory. The first thing that you will need to perform this ritual is a complete lack of intelligence bordering on too stupid to breath. Crossroads demons are the worst, simply because they are masters at finding loopholes in the deal to screw you over But if you think that you can handle yourself, more power to you.

Compared to other summoning rituals, this one is pretty easy. One variation of the summoning simply needs you to be at the right place (a crossroads) at the right time of night then hope that the demon that plies its trade there likes the look of you If you want a more proactive approach then you can put graveyard dirt, the bone of a black cat and a picture of yourself in box and bury it dead-center in the crossroads.

If the demon shows up then you will almost certainly have to give up your soul, so basically you’ll be trading a few good years for an eternity of hellfire. Is it really worth it? That’s up to you.

Mental Invitation

Demons are entities of the ether. They are able to sense when you want them in your life and if your meditative powers are strong enough, you can make a cosmic phone call.

Interacting With The Demon

Okay, so you made the call and the demon that you wanted to see showed up. What now?

The first thing to remember is that demon’s can read your minds. They have unrestricted access to all of your thoughts and memories so if you even think about screwing one over, it will know before you do. They’ll also know all of your dirty secrets but this is an entity that can transcend time and space so such things are trivial to them. They may come across as angry or resentful but in most cases they are mirroring your state of being so try to stay calm.

Since they can read your mind you won’t have to worry about specific wording. They understand you better than you do so breathe deep, and allow its energy to mix with yours.


I’ve done my best to give you a detailed list of procedures that you can use to summon demons to make a deal with, but here’s a list of popular questions that people ask, and their answers.

Q: There are a lot of demons in the lexicon. How do I pick the right one?

A: Like I said earlier, go for the one that specializes in what it is that you want to deal for. If in doubt, use your gut.

Q: What happens if a demon tries to take advantage of me?

A: Most deals are, by definition, two parties that agree to take advantage of each other The demon cannot take anything that you do not offer however, just like humans, they may twist up a few words to swing things in their favor. Watch out for lawyer-talk.

Q: What kind of safety precautions can I take?

A: The best way that you can protect yourself is by being honest and straitforward. They didn’t show up just to kill one unworthy being so there must be something you have that it wants and it cannot force out of you. Avoid the pentagrams and binding spells because if you get the spell wrong and the demon breaks free, it will make you suffer.

Q: What is the difference between an invocation and an evocation?

A: An invocation is a nice way of summoning demons because they don’t have to show up. Evocations are more like commands and a person performing an evocation must use a circle for protection. GOOD LUCK!



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