most haunted places in Indiana

8 Most Haunted Places In Indiana

In the mood for some ghost hunting around the Indiana state?

You won’t be disappointed. Take a look at some of the famous most haunted places in Indiana.

You’ll likely experience every kind of fright, from ghosts, mysterious tales and things that go bump in the night. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. The Haunted Bridge in Avon, Indiana

This haunted place is rife with numerous ghost stories and urban legends, making it the perfect starting point for those who want a frightful experience.

The bridge was constructed somewhere in the 1850s, but not without mishaps. Henry Johnson, one of the construction workers, died here when he accidentally fell into a vat full of cement. Co-workers didn’t find the body until the next day. There was also the story of a young mother who jumped from the bridge to save herself and her baby. The baby died while the mother lived. In just a few days, the young mother died as well.

Visitors and residents claim to hear otherworldly screaming, as if a woman was falling and some even saw the ghost of the lady walking around the bridge.

Hell's Gate in Brazil, Indiana

2. Hell’s Gate in Brazil, Indiana

There were originally 7 Hell’s Gates located around Wabash Valley. While most of them were destroyed due to various reasons, there’s still one standing in Brazil, Indiana.

Legend says that one fateful day a section of a train got disconnected while it was crossing the gate, killing off all the passengers inside and sending them straight to hell. The tunnel’s devilish inhabitants can be seen if you turn your flashlight or car lights on and off for 3 times. In some cases visitors were able to see the malevolent gatekeeper hovering on top of the gate. If you dare pass through the gate then you can witness blood appearing on the walls or evil spirits pounding on your car.

If you somehow see your name on Hell’s Gate then you will die the next day. For the ultimate ghost hunting experience, you can try to do a ritual of passing through all 7 Gates and witness the final Gate closing behind you.

The 100 Step Cemetery in Brazil, Indiana3. The 100 Step Cemetery in Brazil, Indiana

The 100 Step Cemetery was built in the 1860s and has a horrific legend attached to it.

On a dark, moonless night, visitors can take to the steps and an apparition will appear when you get to the top.

The specter will give you a vision of the moment of your death. You must then go back down the steps and count to 100. If you reach the bottom then you’ll be safe; otherwise, you’ll die as predicted.

The ghost is believed to be the first caretaker to work there. Visitors must follow the ritual completely or they’ll suffer consequences. If you go down the grass and not through the steps, a bloody hand will push you down and leave a red handprint, which is named “The Mark of the Devil”.

The Edna Collins Bridge in Putnam, Indiana4. The Edna Collins Bridge in Putnam, Indiana

The small, covered bridge was built in 1922 for pedestrians who wish to cross Little Walnut Creek. Edna Collins loved playing around the creek with her dog. Her parents usually came by and honked their car horn 3 times and little Edna would get in the car.

One day, Edna didn’t appear, and the parents conducted a search party for her. The body was found upstream and the dog was nowhere to be seen. Stories say she was brutally murdered or trying to save her dog.

The Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana5. The Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana

The house that’s featured in many paranormal shows and ghost hunting expeditions. Whispers Estate contains some very frightful legends that’s not for the weak of heart.

Dr. John Gibbons and his wife first occupied the house and adopted orphaned children. One of the orphans, Rachel, apparently started a fire and was so badly burned that she died in the incident. Then, an infant named Elizabeth died from unknown causes in the master bedroom. The wife, Jessie Gibbons was later claimed in the same room after suffering from pneumonia.

Dr. Gibbons was reportedly accused of doing horrific experiments and countless amputations.

Spend a night at the estate and you’ll experience whispers coming from the walls. You can also hear little Rachel running in the hallways, giggling. What’s more, visitors reported waking up in the middle of the night having a coughing fit when they stayed at the master’s bedroom.

The Story Inn in Nashville, Indiana6. The Story Inn in Nashville, Indiana

In 1851 there was a town named Story, founded by George Story. The town flourished until it was decimated in the Great Depression.

Today, you can go for a bed and breakfast in one of the newly-built accommodations, but be prepared to see the Blue Lady, which was said to be the ghost of Dr. Story’s wife. Head to the Garden Room if you’re brave enough to witness paranormal activity. Visitors may turn on blue lights in order for the lady of the house to appear.

The ghost lady has blue eyes, leaves behind blue objects and her presence is usually marked with the scent of cherry tobaccos.

The Historic Hannah House in Indianapolis, Indiana7. The Historic Hannah House in Indianapolis, Indiana

This haunted house was originally built in 1858 by a man named Alexander Hannah. Elizabeth Jackson, his wife and several slaves occupied a wing area and some rooms. During the time Hannah allowed his home to be used as a stop, but the guests often heard moanings and whinings during the night.

In other reports people noticed a burning, acrid odor coming from the ground. Legend has it that the smell came from the basement where the slaves were trapped in and burned alive.

 The Nicholson House in Indianapolis, Indiana8. The Nicholson House in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Nicholson house was originally constructed in 1870 and was left to the Rand household in 1903. Then, when the house was being prepared to be moved due to preserving the structure, strange things started happening.

A photograph showed a ghost peering out the window. Rumors started circulating that a young girl was murdered near the house. Another story claimed that a man committed suicide by hanging when the property was being used as a boarding house.

Legend has it that the Nicholson House was one of the Underground Railway stops. Visitors can sometimes smell burning flesh or see blood dripping on the walls. Others were driven mad by unnatural screams throughout the night.

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