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The Most Haunted Places in Mexico: They’re Stranger Than Fiction

Mexico is a lively and colorful country full of bustling places, joyful and wondrous souls. Unfortunately, the country rarely finds peace, even for the dead! Long before the Spanish arrived to conquer that native people of Central America, the ancient tribes had a gravitation with the surreal and mysterious spiritual beings by the name, ghosts!! This bizarre phenomenal has continued to this day and you’ll be amazed and perhaps scared stiff with the terrifying places in Mexico and the spookiest tales behind this places. Believe me, Mexico has a lot to offer if you’re hell-bent on searching for the most petrifying and macabre places.

I do not want to eat much into your precious ghost hunting time That’s why I’ll go right ahead and present to you the most haunted places in Mexico. And if it’s not obvious to you by now, allow me to give you a fair warning: These places and the experiences that they bring will send cold and terrible shivers down the spines of even the most fearless of travelers and ghost hunters.

Claudia Mijangos’ House, QueretaroClaudia Mijangos’ House, Queretaro

There’s no doubt that strange things do happen in Mexico, but none is arguably scarier than the one that happened in the early hours of April 24, 1989 in the Mexican state of Queretaro. A college-educated mother and a former beauty queen, named Claudia Mijango senselessly butchered her three children in an eerie act that would make gangland murderers look like altar boys.

To this date, nobody, not even her ex-husband, has claimed ownership of the house where it all happened. It’s claimed that the house is possessed by the demons of the innocent kids that were murdered by their mother in cold blood. It remains one of the most distressing stories in the country with neighbors confirming that they often hear children screaming inside the house Oh! There’s the bleeding boy who makes a daily appearance in the second floor window.

House of Aunt Tofia in Chapultepec Forest, Mexico CityHouse of Aunt Tofia in Chapultepec Forest, Mexico City

One of the widely told urban legends in Mexico City is an eerie story about the house of Aunt Tofia. Located deep in the Chapultepec Forest and hidden behind the protective height of a deep and wildly growing vegetation, lies a house infamously known to have belonged to one Aunt Tofia.

Believe me, the story behind this haunted house is true and I bet you’ll be very lucky to even get inside the compound. Do you know why? Well, you’ll have cross a small river by bridge, but you’ll mostly likely have to deal with the ghost of an old Aunt Tofia screaming, crying and throwing huge rocks into the river. That doesn’t scare you? Okay, you’ll encounter a misty fog and will have a real feeling that someone is angrily watching your next move.

Can you guess who will be watching you? It will be the spooky ghost of Aunt Tofia who once lived in the creepy house Legend has it that she was extremely wealthy and would often invite homeless street children to live with her because she was lonely. While Aunt Tofia was appreciated by the general community for her charitable work and kindness, many of the street children that she invited to her house were disrespectful and cruel to her One day, she had enough of it murdered all of them and threw their bodies into the river only to realize her grave mistake, thereby committing suicide in her bedroom.

La Posada Del Sol Hotel, Mexico CityLa Posada Del Sol Hotel, Mexico City

I’d really love to sell you on the idea of spending the night in what was initially meant to be among the world’s most extravagant hotels. Unfortunately, you’ll change your mind after realizing that the people that you’re most extravagant hotels. Unfortunately, you’ll change your mind after realizing that the people that you’re likely to spend a night with at the La Posada Del Sol Hotel in Mexico City are the eerie ghosts that have turned this abandoned architectural gem their home.

On the outside, you might be hit by crumbling concrete and graffiti, but it’s on the inside that you’ll realize and appreciate the hotel’s historical significance and the fact that Fernando Saldafia Galvan poured his blood, sweat and tears to make this hotel his best architectural design. Despite his best efforts, Galvan never completed the hotel as he was overwhelmed by external forces and debts that led him to hang himself in the hotel’s yard, thereby cursing it in the process. This curse still looms and pretty much explains why the hotel stands in solitude more than 70 years since Galvan took his life. It’s also said that Galvan had murdered his entire family before taking his own life and that’s why you’ll hear varying stories of satanic rites being performed at the hotel allegedly by Freemasons. There’s also a dark room inside the hotel, which is said to be home and altar of a missing girl who was tragically found dead in the hotel’s basement and continues to haunt the place to this date.

Panteon de Belen Cemetery, GuadalajaraPanteon de Belen Cemetery, Guadalajara

If there’s one place on this list that I’d recommend you visit at night, it has to be Panteon de Bolen Cemetery in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. With ghostly stories dating back centuries, this historic cemetery that was initially built for victims of various epidemics such as cholera and chicken pox that often swept the city. This is one of the few cemeteries in the world that’s shrouded in macabre tales of numerous ghosts including the Vampire Tree, the Nun, the Monk, the Pirate and many more Apparitions are in plenty and you’ll soon get lost in the cemetery only to be guided by different groundskeeper, who, as you can imagine, are also ghosts!

La Isla de las Munecas (The Island of Dolls), Mexico CityLa Isla de las Munecas (The Island of Dolls), Mexico City

I dare you to visit the Island of Dolls, a remote wooded area along the shores of Lake Xochimilco. This is undoubtedly one of the most scary locations in Mexico. While it appears like a grotesque playground full of nightmarish and mutilated dolls, you’ll soon agree with me that the tragic story behind this eerie place is probably more disturbing.

Legend has it that this place began with a tragic death of an anonymous young girl more than 50 years ago. The death of this young girl coincided with the decision of a man named Don Julian Santana to leave his wife and child in order to live in recluse along Lake Teshuilo in the Xochimilco canals. Upon arrival, he found the body of the young girl drowned in the canal and her toy doll floating near her Moved by this discovery, Santana made it his responsibility to appease the spirits of the young girl by hanging eerie dolls in the entire island. It’s reported that there are more than 1,500 grotesque dolls, which are said to come alive at night, hanging on the trees. Ins sad twist of fate, Santana’s nephew was found dead in 2001 in the same spot where he had picked the girl’s corpse many decades earlier.

To this end, I must admit that there are many haunted places in the Mexico. However, the ones that I’ve mentioned above are undoubtedly the spookiest. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tell me that you’re already afraid. Nonetheless, it’s worth the risk and you should visit. Happy ghost hunting!

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