most haunted places in michigan

10 Most Haunted Places in Michigan

Michigan, such a lovely and a beautiful state in the northern Midwest of the United States of America. Plenty of eye-catching sceneries like four of the great lakes, hilly patches and also the home of America’s automobile industry that gave us the Cadillac, who has not dreamed of owning a Cadillac before. It is a definitely, must visit place in a lifetime for all adventurers and wannabe adventurers.

However, behind the curtains of beauty and glamour that hugs Michigan tightly, is the bone-chilling haunting stories that linger like a shadow to the state. Such a twist to add to the cliche of good and ugly. Ugly is such a strong word as this twist adds some sauce to the beauty and gives stories to tell for ages about the ghostly nature of Michigan. I know most people will have a fit of by after boat riding in Lake Michigan and having a hair rising freaky night in anticipation of Harvey’s ghost.

Let’s take a closer look at the most haunted places in Michigan.

Mackinac IslandMackinac Island

Sandwiched between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan in Lake Huron, is Mackinac Island. An island that is popular with tourists due to its rich history covers almost four square miles. Before the British immigration in the 17th century, Mackinac Island was home to the Odawa tribe who had established a settlement here. Apart from the island being a burial ground for the Indian tribes, a military fort built in it by the British explorers, resulted in many people being killed due to fighting over resources and control of the fur trade and commercial fishing that was flourishing at the time.

The Grand Hotel situated in the island is a major hotspot for ghostly experiences. It is said workers erecting the foundation of the hotel uncovered several bodies launching a chain of creepy and hair-raising events. Some say they spotted a weird looking being with a black mass for a body and glowing red eyes coming after them, rushing and at times knocking them off their feet resulting in loss of consciousness. This makes for a juicy bedtime story for a naughty toddler.

The Bruce MansionThe Bruce Mansion

If you thought the narrative of out of place ghostly mansions or castles was a thing meant only for movies then you are in for a rude shock. Take a back to lean on your seat. Built in the beautiful Victorian style architecture in the late eighteenth century in the town of Burnside, it remained unscathed over the course of numerous fires that crept up to the little town. That was expected who names a town Burnside expecting the best. Anyway, the original owner is known as Bruce obviously sold the house that was strangely occupied by six different owners in a span of five years.

Spooky! It is said that the house was also used to conduct funerals in the 1900s, such a sick twist if I may say so that brought the explanation that spirits were always hovering the house. John Walker among the well-known owners of the mansion at one time is said to have been left by his wife and the house went into foreclosure within months of purchase.

Overly distraught by the chain of events unfolding, he is said to have hit a pedestrian while driving one day. Fearful of the long arm of the law, he hid the body in his car trunk and buried the body in the mansions yard. It is also said John Walker hanged himself. Though not proven it gives that agape mouth effect. You can hear growling sounds from the basement at times or weird movements at night according to revelers who have visited the mansion. Personally, I need to go for ghost hunting in this mansion.

The Drowning Pool

Back to Mackinac Island again. Such a load of a place and certainly not for the faint-hearted. Taking you back to the 17th and 18th centuries when being a witch was a kin to the biggest crime ever (I personally think that a lady riding on a broom at night is the coolest thing ever) witches were punished by very creative methods. Among these methods was by drowning.

It is believed that to know if one was a witch or not back in the day, the person had rocks tied to their feet and plunge them into the water. The catch here was that if the person floated, she was deemed to be a witch but if they sunk then they were innocent and dead obviously.

It is said in one of such conquests seven women suspected of being witches were thrown off into a lagoon to prove if they were witches or not The result all of them sunk and drowned setting the place a perfect haunting hotspot. Mysterious splashing or weird shadows hovering above the lagoon have been severally reported by visitors to the point.

The Mission Point ResortThe Mission Point Resort

The Mission Point Resort was the home to a religious group established in the 1930s and the structure was built in the 1950s. The popular haunting story over here is of a man known as Harvey, who on being heartbroken by his girlfriend committed suicide by means of a fatal gunshot behind the resort’s premises. His body was discovered almost six months later.

The ghost of Harvey is said to be flirt pulling pranks on mostly ladies no wonder he suffered heartbreak). Visitors especially ladies have reported being poked at or pinched at the resort’s theater. Also, there are reports of people being locked up in their bathrooms and hearing strange sounds accompanied by flickering lights. Real hair rising.

Eloise Psychiatric HospitalEloise Psychiatric Hospital

A psychiatric hospital! Even if not haunted those establishments are just way too freaky. The tools used and also to a point some of the patients’ looks and cold stares can scare the hell out of your normalcy. Eloise Psychiatric hospital established in the 1830s was once among the state of art health facilities having the benefit of being among the first to utilize the x-ray technologies.

However, after the great depression news started trickling in of the misuse of the facility and abuse of the patients by the staff. The facility was ultimately closed in the 1980s and the buildings became ruins. It became a feared place where visitors went for the thrill. Here is where reports of weird figures sitting on the steps of the dilapidated building started to surface. This coupled with the scary growls and figures running across the hospital’s yard at night led to the conclusion that it is haunted.

The Whitney RestaurantThe Whitney Restaurant

Located in Woodward Avenue in Detroit is this magnificent piece of architecture that was the property of a David Whitney Jr, a lumber baron in the 1800s. Built as his personal abode the mansion was set up in the late 1800s and was renovated in the 1980s. Ever since its renovation, there have been reports of paranormal activity of the mansion now converted to a restaurant. The house visitors claim to have experienced elevators moving on their own without passengers apart from the flickering lights in the houses at different rooms despite there being no known electrical fault.

Also reported is the presence of an old man on the second floor of the mansion who appears to be peeking from the window overlooking the yard. Sounds of doors slamming and utensils being stacked or tables being moved are not uncommon over here. Visitors have reported instances where they are all alone in the house or a particular room in the house but have the feeling of a thickening and charged atmosphere as if there were more people in the vicinity.

Considering all these experiences, the curators of the establishment think that David Whitney Jr and his wife, both of whom perished in the mansion have their presence in the house and their souls reside in it. It cannot get any scarier than this.

Seul Choix Point Light HouseSeul Choix Point Light House

Lighthouses have been for long objects surrounded by mystique and utter beauty and have been an object in any a story the subject ranging from romance to loneliness and divinity. The Saul Choix Point lighthouse in Michigan has the mystique needed for a poetry session and also the ghostly tag bound to stick to its definition for generations to come. The lighthouse is said to be home to various souls, the commonest being Captain Willie Townsend, a former light keeper who is said to be extremely attached to the lighthouse.

Another soul wandering the heights of the lighthouse is that of Grandma Mary Pebble a mother-in-law to one of the light keepers who previously worked at the lighthouse. Mary Pebble is said to have died during a terrible blizzard to hit Lake Michigan and it is said that the once a while apparition spotting and shadowy moving figures seen at night belong to her spirit. Also, a slight chuckle or a cigar smoke reminiscent of Captain Willie Townsend can be felt at times. Again, disembodied voice recordings have been recorded and it is a suggestion that it may be from the casualties of the terrible blizzard that hit Lake Michigan.

most haunted places in michiganPere Cheney Cemetery

The talk of the cemetery to most people will spell doom. A cemetery is associated with the dead and the dead are feared and revered by most in equal measure regardless of the context. With a low population of almost 1500 people in 1870, the small town of Pere Cheney was engulfed with a diphtheria infection that cleared most of its population. Just in its path to recovery, it hit the news again this time a fire outbreak that destroyed a lot of homesteads. Disease again and the town soon numbered around 20 persons. Not a town, maybe a household to me.

Anyway, in 1917 the land on which Pere Cheney sat on was sold in a public auction leaving it a ghost town and the only sign of the previous inhabitation was the cemetery where the casualties of the previous catastrophes lay. The legend goes that a witch who was banished from the settlement had unleashed a curse that brought the calamities to the residents of Pere Cheney and for her troubles; she was hanged on a tree in the cemetery as punishment.

Her spirit has not settled, is said to hover the cemetery and visitors to the cemetery have reported seeing ghosts and burning orbs. Also, children crying or laughing can also be heard in the vicinity of the cemetery. Seriously nothing can be more chilling like a witch and a cemetery put in one sentence let alone the same place.

Botsford InnBotsford Inn

Located in Farmington and built in the 1830s, Botsford in is famed as the spot that Henry Ford met his wife Clara. The couple enjoyed the classy establishment especially its ballroom and really had a good time here. However, odd occurrences started being noted by the staff just after Clara passed away. These occurrences were for instance if the room was set for an event, it would be found moments later disturbed and the arrangement faulted. Items eke cups and other utensils set would be found strewn all over the room despite no one being present at the room and it also being locked.

A staff also reported that it would be hard to open the door to particular rooms with no one present in the rooms. However, just as they left the door latch would move and the door would open and still, no one would be present in the room at all.

Traverse City State HospitalTraverse City State Hospital

Located in Traverse City is this eerie looking abandoned structure. Established as a mental asylum in the late 1800s, it first admitted patients with mental illnesses but in no time it also started admitting diphtheria and tuberculosis patients too. The gothic style buildings, caged balconies and underground tunnels further add to the mystique surrounding this abandoned building.

Among the people who have paid a visit to the Transverse City State hospital, both patients and non-patients claim to feel vibrations and an unexplained presence engulfing them that they associate with the passing on patients of the hospital some of whom are said to have undergone abuse before their untimely deaths. Apparitions in long white gowns are said to roam through the hospital’s hallways accompanied by moans and groans. There is also the hippy tree, a tree painted in bright colors and hippy symbols and is said to be portal to hell. So much scary for a hospital, no wonder kids fear them.

If you are an adrenaline junky with a thing for the paranormal, these places are a must visit next time you are in Michigan.

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