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Most Haunted Places in Texas – Sun, Specters, and Spirits in the Southern State

Texas is the home of heat and hauntings. This southern state is full of supernatural spectres. If you’re looking to Texas for a vacation and you want something more spine-tinglingly terrifying, here are ten locations that are perfect. Welcome to some of the most haunted places in Texas. The main question is — are you brave enough to visit these settings of spirits?

The Jefferson HotelThe Jefferson Hotel

This charming Victorian building in Jefferson caters to guests both of this life and the next. Since its construction in 1851, it hasn’t changed very much. It’s outdated yet elegant decor isn’t the only thing from the past here. Ghosts are said to linger here. Guests report sudden chills, odours without origin, unexplained footsteps, and strange apparitions. These occurrences are said to be caused by a particular spectral guest by the name of Elizabeth. She’s a young 19-year-old bride that hung herself on her wedding night. Other phenomena include dishes moving, televisions turning on and off, and objects falling without reason. The hotel boasts a sense of timelessness for its guests and for its otherworldly ones as well.

The Marfa LightsThe Marfa Lights

Marfa is a town near us highway 67 with a weird phenomenon of glowing orbs of colourful light. First appearing in the early 1880s, these lights are about the size of a football range in colours. Scientists and paranormal investigators have attempted to explain these orbs to no definitive avail. Could they be spirits that died in the desert sun? Could they be the souls of Spanish conquistadors? Could they be visiting aliens? Could they be a simple desert mirage? Nobody quite knows what the glowing floating orbs are. This is a creepy mystery with no end to the theories.

hotel GalvezHotel Galvez

Hotel Galvez is a monument to when Galveston Texas was a booming centre of the country. This beautiful piece of history is now a place to remember the past and of course, it’s ghosts. Doors slamming shut in the middle of the night, strange smells, and visions of orbs are all common here. But nothing compares to the sad story of two forlorn lovers. A young couple was set to be married once. The bride Audra, waited for her finance to come home from the sea only to hear that he had died. She hung herself in her room instead of living without him. In a cruel twist of fate, her fiancé survived only to find the love of his life gone from this world. Guests feel a sense of melancholic forlorn, the same as the lovers must have felt. This haunted location has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab” and the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Stories.” Because of their attraction of ghosts, they even feature a ‘dinner with the ghosts’ event. This includes a tour and a three-course meal with the hotels’ most scary areas. When they serve lunch, join for a bite to eat and a spirit to see.

Sons of Hermann HallSons of Hermann Hall

This Dallas hall serves tall beers, great music, and even the odd ghost. Apparitions are no surprise here. There are a few that people have reported seeing. There are several accounts of people in Victorian dress going up the stairs only to disappear when someone goes looking. The most noted spirits are ethereal concert attendants who keep trying to show up for weekly swing dance lessons. Another is a former caretaker of the hall that decided to stay around. Besides the apparitions, people report seeing photos shifted around on the walls, and doors slammed. Strange noises can be heard throughout the hall such as children running, furniture moving. Join the spirits for a different kind of spirit here at the Sons of Hermann Hall.

Miss Molly's HotelMiss Molly’s Hotel

Miss Molly’s Hotel in Dallas Texas is as cute and cozy as its name. Though it wasn’t always as cute or as innocent. It used to be a bordello inviting both working girls and their customers. After years, the spirits remain in the hotel as permanent guests. Many guests have seen apparitions of working girls and their customers around the building. Guests have even reported seeing a cowboy, coincidently in the cowboy room. This spectre is potentially a customer of one of the bordello’s working girls. Miss Molly’s Hotel has everything you need including a rich history, beautiful decor, and ghostly encounters. If you’re brave enough to visit, test yourself further by asking for a room on the 10th floor, the floor with the most eerie activities

The Faust HotelThe Faust Hotel

This New Braunfels’ hotel is quaint with a picturesque design because of architecture and decoration reminiscent of the roaring 20s. The decor isn’t the only thing from the 1920s. Spirits still remain at this hotel long after their stay. Pete is the most infamous ghost roaming the halls, and he’s a mischievous one at that. The rumour goes that you should leave him a glass of beer out for him or else he’d cause small minor disturbances the next day. With a single glass of beer, Pete’s spirit is nicely satisfied in his home. Paranormal investigators have caught audio of strange breathing from the building. Not only does The Faust Hotel let guests step back in time with atmosphere but with spirits as well.

The AlamoThe Alamo

In the heart of San Antonio, sits one of it’s most famous tourist attraction, the Alamo. This is the brutal sight of the 1836 battle of the Alamo. Countless thousand men were killed and unceremoniously dumped into mass graves right on this spot. The unceremonious burials have left several remaining spirits to wander this area. These are mainly soldiers from the battle long ago. Rumour is that spirits of the soldiers protect the Alamo from destruction, which includes invading armies and demolition decades later. Security guards have reported hearing footsteps without anyone nearby to make them as well as the voices of past soldiers. An eerie ghostly boy with blond hair is seen peering out the gift shop window. Spectral guards and soldiers can still be seen keeping watch and defending their ground long after the fight is over. In 1905, this site became a museum and is open to the public for tours.

The Menger HotelThe Menger Hotel

The Menger Hotel, In San Antonio, is on the same land as the battle of the Alamo. This hotel started as a boarding house operated by the widow Mary Guenther before being expanded by her and her new husband. It soon became a flourishing hotel. Several ghosts are said to haunt this historic location. One of the spirits is Sallie White, a chambermaid from the late 19th century. She was murdered by her jealous husband only to continue her cleaning duties in the afterlife. The most notable is ex-president Teddy Roosevelt. He can be seen serving himself a drink in a darkened barroom some nights. Sometimes he even talks with some of the bartenders, attempting to recruit them for the rough riders. With 316 rooms, there’s plenty of room to explore the hotel’s spooky ambiance.

The Woodbine HotelThe Woodbine Hotel

In the Texas town of Madisonville stands The Woodbine Hotel, a beautiful example of charm both historic and eerie. This small hotel began with a modest 16 rooms only to expand to several more upgraded suits. This building is teeming with activity. Mirrors fly off the wall and shatter. Doors slam in guest’s faces. Unexplained footsteps are heard at night. Doors opening and locking by themselves. The smell of perfume with nobody living wearing it. There is a friendly ghost, Clara that lives among the guests. She’s been blamed for many of the weird occurrences within the rooms, but she may not be to blame. There’s another phantom, a much more sinister one in a long cloak. This apparition has terrified many guests with her sighting and her presence now and continues to do so. Encounters with the paranormal are nothing new in this charming hotel.

The Driskill HotelThe Driskill Hotel

Located in downtown Austin, Texas, this hotel is lively with its newly renovated atmosphere still with the 1880s architecture. Despite the renovations, spirits of the past still linger here. Many guests have had hair-raising experiences here ranging from disturbing sounds to screams in the night and being touched by unseen hands. There are several stories of ghostly apparitions that can send a chill down your spine. The hauntings started as the hotel did, with its owner. A wealthy cattle owner, by the name of colonel Jesse Driskill, still lingers at his fine establishment smoking a cigar like he did in life. Guests smell the cigar smoke and know he’s near. Another well-known story of the poor girl who fell to her death down the grand staircase. There’s the unnerving phenomenon of the suicide brides. Two brides killed themselves in bathtubs both in room 525 exactly two decades apart. These spirits still haunt the historic building. There’s always room at The Driskill Hotel for one more visitor.

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