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13 Paranormal Gifts for Ghost Hunters

With their unique characters and interests, people fascinated with ghost-hunting are not just your everyday type of people. When jotting up gift ideas for them, a little bit of creativity and some research comes in handy. If you have a paranormal lover in your circle, it is very likely that you will find them obsessed about some weird ghost-hunting gadget or just something related to the unreal world that they must have.

Here are some paranormal gifts to get your friends obsessed with ghost hunting.

1. The Ouija SkullParanormal Gifts

This should definitely top your list and trust me, you won’t regret it. The spooky looking Ouija spirit skull, also referred to as the talking board is technically used as a spirit medium. Yes, it is believed to connect the real referred to as the talking board is technically used as a spirit medium. Yes, it is believed to connect the real world to the spirit world. The flat shaped board is engraved with several carvings namely:

  • Alphabetical letters.
  • Numerical figures from 0-9.
  • The words “yes” “no” , “hello” and sometimes “goodbye’.
  • Other graphics and symbols.

For a paranormal fan, they will obviously be into something like this; trying to communicate with spirits and the ghosts they believe in and eager to have a glimpse of what may be in the beyond. To use it, the people participating normally place their fingers on the heart-shaped wood piece which is used as an indicator as it moves, spelling out what the spirits or a spirit could be communicating. And which ghost-hunter would not love this? It is a cool gift especially for Halloween decorations and from its clear and well-structured design, it makes the whole experience look makes the whole experience look and feel real. People have filmed themselves talking with the dead and trust me, it was real enough to go viral and make hits on YouTube. If you want to spook your friends up, gift them this!

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2. Ghost hunting cameracamera for ghost hunting

Sure, a ghost hunter will definitely be having a camera somewhere but nothing like the 2018 Wi-Fi Full Spectrum Camcorder. It is the ultimate paranormal investigation camcorder with infrared night vision for those thrilling night escapades small enough to be carried anywhere with ease and with a power zoom that allows you to zoom in or out up to eighteen times.

Whether you are recording in regular mode or you are in night vision, the camera will always deliver The menu is not complex when using and the video quality is just amazing. It also comes packaged with a storage card and to top it all, two batteries. One will definitely not miss any bit of the thrills.

This camcorder will take live filming of ghosts to a whole new level. The best part is that even with these amazing features, the price is still very affordable. So upgrade a ghost-hunter’s recording experience with this camera and it will be worthwhile.

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For more information, be sure to check out my in-depth review on ghost hunting cameras.

3. ‘I’d Rather Be Ghost Hunting’ Embroidered Washed Capghost hunting cap

Exemplary made and comfortable to wear, the embroidered 100% cotton cap is a cool gift. Of course one would feel good wearing something with a sense of authenticity about their character, so this cap would be a great gift idea for a ghost-hunter.

It is made of comfortable and smooth cotton material both in and out, it is unisex so it can go well for anybody and has an adjustable buckle closure, fitting up to extra-large sizes. Everyone is sorted out!

For ghost hunting exploits and spooks, this would be an item not to miss out on.

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4. The Ghost Meter EMF SensorThe Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

This one is on my list of favorites. For a newbie ghost hunter this would be an intriguing kind of paranormal gift and it comes at one of the best prices in the market compared to other EMF detectors.

A ghost-hunters favorite place is a haunted area and with this little gadget, they can be able to detect even the smallest, erratic and distinct EMF energy emissions that are frequently found in haunted locations.

This gadgets response rate is super excellent and has even been proven to be better than some of the other expensive ghost detecting meters. Battery life remains excellent even when turned on for a long time and the best thing is that it can operate in silent mode so as not to distract paranormal investigators during their soundings and also not to interfere with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon recordings.

The Ghost Meter is simple to use and can be handled by anyone. So, while you watch ghost hunters on televisions using this gadget, make a plan to gift a ghost-hunter with one and get them started on their own investigations of the unknown.

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5. Ghost-hunting kitghost hunting kit

This kit comes with everything a ghost-hunter would need to kick-start their paranormal research and it comes with one of the best-selling guide book, called the “Ghost-Tech” that take one through on the dos and don’ts.

The excellent starter kit includes:

  • Gauss Master EMF meter for EMF measurement.
  • Motion Sensor that is portable for motion detection in complete darkness.
  • EVP Recorder Infrared Pen Type Thermometer to measure surface temperatures.
  • Geo-phone for monitoring unseen surface vibrations).
  • Ghost Tech’ how-to book.
  • Deluxe Carrying Case for keeping all the above items together.

What more could you need to start hunting ghosts? The kit is appropriate for all ages and with the guide in hand everything becomes easy to use So for a gift, this is the whole package. The ultimate gift basket if you will.

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6. Spirit BoxGhost Box

Why should you choose this box as a gift? Well, because it has been recommended as one of the best EVP/Instrumental Trans-communication research equipment. With its astonishing results, it has been widely used in paranormal investigating films. Its reliability sets it up a notch and it can really make an awesome gift.

If you’d like to dig deeper, be sure to learn how to record EVP.

When pursuing annoying ghosts, you will get to appreciate this gadget as it comes to producing the best EVP transmissions. You will be able to stalk the ghosts and track them with ease.

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7. Seek Thermal Compact ImagerSeek Thermal Compact Imager

The highly portable and powerful seek compact is a one of a kind thermal imaging camera that any ghost buster would love to have It is a android specific imager that you plug directly into your phone and images are translated on the phone through the imager’s technique of manipulating infrared light. Sigh, the beauty of technology!

The imager’s focus lenses give high quality imageries and can enable the user to fine-tune their thermal energy, giving high quality resolutions. With its relatively affordable price, it is very effective when used under the right temperatures and accurate thermal wide range. the right temperatures and accurate thermal wide range.

Be sure to check out this article on the best thermal cameras for ghost hunting.

The case for carrying this imager happens to be waterproof and can easily be kept in a pocket. With such compatibility it should definitely cross your mind when deciding on gifts for ghost hunters.

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8. FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging SystemCompact Thermal Imaging System

The fully featured FLIR C2 thermal camera is one of the best inexpensive cameras in the market. Its pocket-sized nature allows ghost-hunter to comfortably keep it on them at all times especially when pursuing interesting heat patterns and ghost imageries.

The camera is highly sensitive and offers a wide field view which enables you to get very high quality images. It brings out digital background images that allow you to have a clear picture of where photos were taken.

More than that, you can be able to plug it to your computer and download images using a USB cord. The availability of USB slot also make recharging very convenient as you can do it from anywhere including the car or with a portable power bank.

So, for a ghost-hunter, this is a manageable gadget to possess as it can always be in hand, ready to be used to capture ghost hunting moments as timely as so wished. Definitely a gift that would please a ghost-hunter.

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9. Spirit BoardSpirit Board

For as long as I can remember, talk boards have been one among the popular mediums used to communicate with the spirit world. The technique used is believed to be the spirits’ way of sharing their messages to the earthly seekers.

Somehow similar to the Ouija spirit skull, this talking board, also known as the spirit board works in the same method as the spirit skull.

The artwork on the board is very well done, gives an attractive view and brings out a loving energy. The board also comes with a planchette, held by the individuals seeking to communicate with the spirits, and it moves while being guided by the spirits across the board letters, numbers and the words °hello, goodbye, yes and no. to convey the spirits’ message.

It is a good gift that you can consider getting a ghost hunter who seeks to delve into the spirit world and indulge in conversations with the dead. It’s definitely an experience worth going through.

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10. Buckland’s Book of Spirit CommunicationsBook of Spirit Communications

For paranormal fans, the curiosity about the spirit world is something that doesn’t lack in them. Therefore, you can never go wrong when you have selected a spirit communication medium as a gift for a paranormal enthusiast.

Even for the less adventurous fans who just want to satisfy their curiosity and not go beyond the limit, the Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications would still be an ideal gift. This book guides you through the process of becoming a medium by guiding you slowly along the path of spiritual communications.

Normally, Buckland recommends reading the book in sections and taking the quizzes after every chapter The information in the book is full of content and a reader should put a rational amount of time reading through it to fully master the artistry of spirit communications. With the historic facts, multiple suggestions and techniques, this book is perfect at satisfying the highest level of curiosity.

Another plus would be that it does not discriminate against any religion, making it ideal for anyone who finds themselves interested in this topic. I personally think that all this seems quite deep and interesting and if you know that person with spirit fascination, for a gift, double tick on this one.

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11. MS Force HeadlampMS Force Headlamp

Paranormal lovers love the spooky and the dark so a ghost hunting flashlight is an important gadget for them when maneuvering in those dark corners and foggy places. Forget all other headlamps in the market because there is nothing that beats what MS Force has introduced.

This is probably the brightest headlamp one could ever use With three LED bulbs that have an extremely high performance, delivering 6000 lumens beam, you will be left seeing beyond anything you could have ever imagined. The best features of this headlamp include:

  • Enables free movement of hands
  • Super adjustable system bands that are comfortable to wear
  • Pivot mount attached to the head bands which allows you to point your light up to 90 degrees in whichever direction
  • Durability

So if you want to amaze a ghost-hunter then definitely get this headlamp.

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12. The Ghost Hunters Survival Guideghost hunting book

Truth be told, ghost hunting does appear to be one of the most thrilling adventures, but most people do not take time to actually learn the dangers that malevolent human spirits can bring. This book is very well detailed and you will find narrations about real life ghost investigations and guidelines on how to know it is time to use the necessary defense mechanisms against the paranormals you may have encountered.

For ghost hunters who are deep in their exploration this is a must read as is gives better understanding on how to arm yourself, therefore it wouldn’t fail as a gift.

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13. Upgraded voice recorder

With an upgraded quality and improved design, this digital voice recorder captures crystal clear audio. The small size of the device may have you fooled into thinking it’s not all that, but think again because it is awesome. Do not be fooled by the small size because this device is awesome. It is able to pick up even the softest voices and bring them out clearly and we know that a ghost hunter will want to hear that which others cannot hear, right?Upgraded Voice Recorder

So this would be a handy gadget to go ghost hunting with for recording your every move in audio and coming to replay and recognizing the “secret” little sounds; purely an amazing and effective gift to a ghost-hunter.

Another good thing about it that it has an Mp3 player.

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There are several cool gifts for paranormal enthusiasts out there. Whether for Christmas, Halloween, Birthday or just a random occasion, there are very interesting options to choose from and with the many interesting pieces in the market, with a little thought you can never go wrong when getting that perfect gift for your ghost-hunter mate.

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