Why Do Ghosts Appear in Photos

Why Do Ghosts Appear in Photos (Finally Explained)

Discussions about ghosts have often sparked debate as some people believe that ghosts don’t exist while others think they’re not real.

If you’re new to Ghostly Pursuits, you should know I take the topic of ghosts seriously.

Those who doubt the existence of ghosts often believe that they are just a product of one’s imagination. While this assumption could be correct to some extent, we have often heard of people’s encounters with ghosts. This alludes to the fact that ghosts do exist, and I have seen quite a few of them in other ghost hunter’s cameras (though I have not seen ghosts appear in my own photos, yet).

However, not all ghosts you see in photos are real as we have some fake ones. In this article, I will further discuss some reasons why do ghosts appear in photos and how to get them to appear in your picture.

Reasons Why Ghosts Occur on Pictures:

1. A ghost wanted to make contact with someone.

Some ghosts are believed to have great ability to interact personally with their living loved ones. They often show themselves in different ways which explains the reasons why some ghosts do appear in pictures. It is a well-known belief that these types of ghosts do appear in their former personality and they can feel emotions. Most of the times they have appeared, it’s usually to see their loved ones. It may be due to the feeling that you wish to see them. Therefore, they show up to make you feel calm and happy.

2. A ghost wants to send a warning.

Another reason why a ghost may appear is to send a warning to their loved ones. Probably you have been thinking of taking a decision, and the ghost needs to warn you. It may appear in your photo whereby you could see it and probably speak to your mind about something or make you remember something.

3. Someone used a low-quality camera.

Perhaps what you see in the photo that appears like a ghost might not be true. It could just be the result of taking a photo shoot with a low-quality camera. A low-quality camera will affects the image and cause a distorted view of anything that moves during the period of taking the photo. This distorted image might then seem like a ghost.

Some good cameras I recommend:

4. Weird lighting.

Specific interference of light as well as reflections of light while taking a photo may cause the image to appear like that of a ghost. Another reason aside from weird lightning is the condition at which you are taking the photos. Dusty or wet conditions could contribute to orbs appearing on your photos.

5. The picture was simply photoshopped.

Nowadays, we have several photo editing software which could be used to edit images to your desired taste. Most of the pictures you see out there that appears like a ghost were being doctored and photoshopped. You need to be critical and study the photos carefully to identify the ones that are real and fake ones.

How to get a ghost to show itself so you can take some cool pictures:

Step One: Find a Haunted Location

Though you can’t be confident of getting a ghost on photo, you can increase your chance by being at the right place with your camera. One place to check is a previously haunted location where there has been an account of paranormal experiences.

Ways to find a haunted location includes:

  • Checking with local authorities about alleged haunted places.
  • Join a ghost hunting group.
  • Ask residents of alleged haunted buildings who may be willing to share their experiences with you if you approach them with courtesy.
  • Read old newspapers about previously reported ghost haunting sites.

Step Two: Get Permission

You shouldn’t just barge into any private properties without proper permission. If you do so, it could lead to severe issues like trespassing which would attract police attention. Get verbal or written permission from property owners before going in to take a photograph.

Another golden rule you need to note before going on to photograph in haunted places is that you should always take someone along and ensure you inform someone of your location. You never know what might happen in the event the ghosts appear. You might feel so threatened that you freak out and forget what brought you here. In some extreme cases, you could even pass out upon sighting these creatures.

Step Three: Start Shooting

Once you have successfully chosen your site for catching ghosts on photos, you need to then decide on where to take photographs.

Here are some locations to consider:

  • Cold areas. Such places do have a lower temperature than the adjoining space.
  • Places far from energy-producing items and electrical appliances which can compromise a photo.
  • Stairways or hallways, which give room for the photographer to capture movement from a distance.
  • Places where something terrible has happened. For example the site of a murder
  • Burial sites or battlefields.
  • Avoid mirrors or windows to prevent reflections.

With all these steps carefully followed, I believe you will get a ghost to show itself.

Types of Ghosts Captured on Cameras

The Ecto-Mist

These ghosts appear like a mist or fog, and they can be white, black or gray. They usually appear like a suspended vaporous cloud, and they move so fast or stay still. Several accounts of this form of the ghost have been recorded in places such as historic sites, graveyards, and battlefields.


This is another common form of ghosts we often see in photos. It appears as a translucent ball of light suspended above the ground. Orbs are believed to be human souls wandering around different places. They usually appear white or blue colour in photographs, and if captured on video, they appear to move so fast.

Funnel Ghosts

These forms of ghost could be spotted in abandoned homes, old historical buildings, or cold spot. They are called funnel ghosts because of the kind of shape they take on. They are often believed to be a loved one visiting their former home. When caught in photos, they appear as a swirling spiral of light.


Now you know why ghosts appear in photos. Ghosts choose to appear to whoever they wish to through any medium. The next time you see a ghost in your picture, you should try to ascertain if it is a real image or as a result of several factors. If the image is real, then you need to find out if there is a message the ghost is passing across to you.

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