Why Do People Believe In Ghosts

Why Do People Believe In Ghosts?

Many of my friends do know that I’m an avid ghost hunter and that I also run this blog. And many of them support me and ask me different tips on how to conduct their first ghost hunt and so on.

However, there is one question that people ask me over and over again, namely: who do people believe in ghosts? Some folks are genuinely curious whereas others say it with a tonality that indicates their massive disapproval.

Instead of answering the same question verbally, I decided to create an article that will give you all the reasons why I think people (myself included) believe in ghosts. At the very end, I also included some data from various surveys so be sure to check it out too.

We Look for a Meaning

Humans are creatures that constantly look for a meaning in everything. We love digging dip to find out all the reasons why something happened. This is exactly why so many people use ghosts as the explanation for many things that are tough to explain.

Furthermore, ghosts give us hope that there is deeper meaning to life on earth. They convince us that after does exist.

Afterlife and Religious Influence

The fact that so many people believe in afterlife makes it self-explanatory that they would believe in ghosts. With so many religions and people who practice them, there’s plenty of individuals who think that your body will die but not your soul.

This goes back to the idea of meaning. The idea that there is nothing once you die is scary. This is exactly why we so many of us truly believe that our souls are immortal.

Haunted Places

There is countless of haunted places all over the globe that countless people visit each year. With so many individuals experiencing paranormal activities, it’s hard to just deny the existence of ghosts.

If you’ve never been to a haunted place and are asking yourself “where can I go ghost hunting” then click the link.

Personally, I’ve visited several haunted locations on various continents. Some of them been huge disappointments while others have been incredible paranormal experiences. Once you experience something out of this world, you won’t pick the easy route and just say “ghosts don’t exist”.

Ghosts Appearing in Photos

Nowadays, people take pictures of everything. With an increasing popularity of sites like Instagram, it’s clear that people are obsessed with taking pictures.

The interesting part is when you take a regular photo only to later realize that there is something unexplainable behind you. That there is a shadow that’s not supposed to be there. That there is something you’ve not noticed when you took a shot with your camera.

All you need to do is use Google to see how many people managed to take a picture with something paranormal in it. Again, please be aware that many of them will be photoshopped but there is indeed ones that haven’t been manipulated.

If this fascinates you then check out my post on why ghosts appear in photos.

Paranormal Investigations

There are people who conduct ghost hunts in a professional manner using specialised ghost hunting equipment and years of experience. Whenever they find something paranormal, they share their findings with a broader audience or just the ghost hunting community.

But then again, most of these investigations are available online for you to check them out. Believe it or not, many people love watching them and the fact that ghost hunting shows are so popular only proves it.

Once you watch a greatly performed paranormal investigations, it’s hard to just say not to the idea that ghosts do exist.

First-Hand Experiences

This is something that only a small privileged group went through. In fact, there is many ghost hunters who’ve not had their first-hand experience yet. Again, it’s something that takes some patience as well as knowledge so if you’re a beginner ghost hunter, don’t get discouraged.

The point here is, we’ve got some people who claim they’ve seen ghosts themselves and even talked to them. And if individuals from different parts of the world who never met all share similar experiences then you know we’re onto something.


The great thing is, you don’t need to leave your house to have a first-hand experience. That’s not to say that you live in a haunted house.

What might simply happen is that a ghost will visit you in your dreams and send you a message. There is countless of people who had that experience. Be it their family or loved ones or maybe their enemy who talked to them in a dream and then whatever the ghost said, turned out to be true.

Even though it’s just a dream, it’s a powerful experience, especially if it happened to you several times. In fact, there is people who talk with ghosts through their dreams on a regular basis. Whereas we can’t know what’s going on in their heads when they’re asleep, you start relating to their experiences once you’ve seen a ghost in your dreams.


There is many signs that ghosts send us that might not be easy to notice at first. However, once you know what to look for and are able to decode the language, you’ll be fascinated and in love with ghost hunting.

Truth be told, there is people who mastered the art of communicating with the dead through different signs. And when you’re able to get a message from a spirit then you suddenly become a believer.

It’s Thrilling

People are bored and hungry for adventures and ways to spice up their lives. A regular desk job drains their energy and makes them crave something exciting. This is why we pick up hobbies like paranormal investigations and it might be why you’re still reading this post.

Ghost hunting gives us that thrill that regular life doesn’t. It makes us feel fascinated, alive, scared and excited. You experience so many emotions when you feel you’ve seen a ghost that it gets addictive.

Don’t take my word for granted. Join a local ghost hunting group near you and pay a visit to a haunted place near you. You will know what I’m talking about once you do it yourself.

What Percentage of People Think Ghosts Are Real?

I decided to make this post even more interesting by sharing some data with you from a poll ran by HuffPost and YouGov.

After doing some research, I found out that 34% of Brits believe in ghost and 9% of them claim they communicated with the dead. On the top of that, one in four of them believe in haunted houses.

Interestingly enough, women are way more likely to believe in paranormal and supernatural phenomena.

Another study found out that about 29% of Americans experience being in touch with the dead person. 18% claim that they’ve felt a ghost somewhere near them.

This one is exciting: 65% of Americans told Pew Research Center that they believe in supernatural forces.

As far as US is concerned, people there are more likely to believe in God than in ghosts. This turned out to be the opposite in the UK. People there turned out to be more likely to believe in ghosts than in the existence of a creator.


These are the reasons why I think people believe in ghosts or at least, are unsure whether they are real or not.

If there is a reason that you think totally deserves to be in this post, the contact me to let me know and I will add it.

Also, I’m dying to know… do you believe in ghosts?


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